Wednesday, July 24, 2013

You've reached the Blog Of....


You've reached the blog of Deltaflute.

Sorry I'm unavailable right now.  With all the meeting one of my blogging idols, Leila of Little Catholic Bubble fame, packing up all my belongings into a 17 foot truck, and getting the heck of my apartment to temporarily reside in a tiny hotel room, where I will soon be on the road for five days making my way to Canada, I am a bit busy. 

Please leave your name, a comment, and a date in the box below, and I will attempt to reply when I am available.

Thank you!



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  2. Update: had some troubles with the truck's fuel filter. Got it fixed at 10:30pm. Hoping to get out on road this morning to meet up with family. Glad this snafu happened now instead of later. Big road trips always come with issues. All week I've been nervous like a premonition or something. Hopefully no more problems.


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