Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1) The last couple of days I've been weaving my tale of woe about traveling to Canada.  Click here and here.  I'm avoiding pessimism at the moment as things are brightening up a bit.  So I won't bore you or horrify you with more of all that has gone wrong.  It's like Murphy's Law in my house. 

2) My house is awesome.  Okay.  It's technically not my house nor is it a house.  It's actually this huge three story (if you include the basement) townhouse.  I've never had a basement.  I've had to explain that in Mississippi the water table is too high and your basement would flood regularly.  In Arizona the ground is like concrete.  To build a foundation they have to use a jack hammer to break up the ground.  So very few basements.

Back to the hugeness...right so there are three bedrooms on the top floor.  The Master is big; the other two are tiny.  We have one full bathroom and a linen closet.  On the 1st floor, we have a huge living room with a bay window, a coat closet, a small pantry, and a tiny toilet with sink area.  And we have a small kitchen and dining area.  No dishwasher.  But that's okay because in the basement we have three rooms also.  A finished room, the unfinished laundry room, and a semi-finished room.  Nice huh?  I actually don't need quarters to wash clothes.  It's awesomesauce.  And we also have a patio which is semi-enclosed.

3) Now the also cool thing is the location.  I literally have a park behind my house.  With a playground.  And a pool.  It's like Christmas being able to take my rambunctious little ones outside to play on the swings.

And...and....I can walk to an English speaking Mass.  It's a 12 minute walk according to Google.  The Church isn't bustling with life.  Mass was pretty depressing at how small the congregation is including the choir being accompanied by a guitar.  But I see potential.  It's run by an order of Discalced Carmelite Friars.  Awesomesauce!

4) I got to meet Leila before I left, which was like a dream of mine since before I moved to Phoenix.  I hope she doesn't think I'm nuts for saying that.  But it's true.  She has a gift.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves even though I totally embarrassed myself by getting lost and making her wait.  My husband was a little perturbed by my tardiness, but it was worth it. 

Last fall I got to meet JoAnna so my whole meet bloggers in that area is complete.  

5)  And since my home is huge I have these visions of meeting other bloggers and having them crash at my pad.  You know since we don't exactly live in the same country I figure they'd want to stay the night. 

I have this zany thought that I will just randomly show up at Tiffany's job and pretend to be a student.  But then she may think something is seriously wrong with this person as I can't keep straight faces and pretend. 

It's totally plausible since my map tells me that we live roughly 2.5 hours away from each other that we could meet up.  Something tells me I need to start plotting.  Many Canadian holidays correspond with American ones.  Now where's my fake mustache.
Mushon Zer-Aviv, Yanka (attributed to)

6) The same holds true with Cam.  I believe we live about 3.5 hours away from each other.  If she ever decides to come to Canada, she and her family must really skip the hotel and stay with us.  I don't know all the touristy things about London yet, but there's a ton of time since I'll be here two years.

And now that the informal invites are out, if you live anywhere close to my geographical location and blog (or follow blogs), we should meet up somewhere.  I know of a few Tim Horton locations around here....

7) Oh, and I've gotten to see a hot air balloon set up.  They seem to use the field just outside my kitchen window to give tours.  This morning I watched them launch yet another one.  It's quite fascinating. 

Thanks to Jen!


  1. A field outside your kitchen window? Park across the road? With pool? Sounds like you're onto a winner, in spite of the Murphy's Law stuff :)

    1. The field is actually a baseball field and part of the park. Sorry for the confusion. Theres no street to cross just a gate. My house and the park are next to each other.

  2. Your house sounds lovely. There are very few basements here as well due to the water table. Yet, we're in the middle of tornado alley...we need basements!
    3-2-1 Party

  3. Ha ha! Yes we should definitely keep this in mind! Usually if I'm in Canada I'm just in NF or Niagara-on-the-Lake, but you never know. Sometimes we have dance events further toward Toronto, so I'll let you know!


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