Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How the Adventure Began...

To update the family units...yesterday, Hubby ran into paper work snafu.  So we have no insurance.  :(  And almost went a whole month sans pay check.  But hopefully all will be resolved tomorrow.

Yes, dear readers, no pay check for the month of August.  They pay once a month.  The crazy thing about it was he asked his boss who reassured him all was well about wording in the contract.  But then his boss turns around and expects him to work this month.  Colour me confused.  That's the Canadian spelling.  The Canadians have at times gone back and forth on whether it's color or colour but I think currently they go with colour. 

Also interesting factoids about Canada.  They only recently moved over to metric in the 70s so a lot of things are still very much English system.  For example, produce.  Produce is sold in pounds (with small script in grams).  All other food stuffs only has metric markings.  If you are asked your measurements (height and weight) you give it all in English system.  Temperature generally is done in Celsius but most people understand if you give them Fahrenheit.  My oven is equipped with both.  And driving is in kilometers.  Also milk doesn't come in jugs.  It's either a half gallon (2 liter) carton or 4 L (gallon) in plastic bags within a large plastic bag.  So if ever you move out here, buy yourself a pitcher.

The Beginning

Wednesday we jig saw puzzled our belongings into a 17 foot truck.  And prepared to leave Arizona.  Seeing as how it took all day, we ended up spending the night in a hotel room.  The next morning we had breakfast at a Crispy Creme.

Here I must pause.  Tim Hortons is basically a Canadian coffee and doughnut shop.  It's super popular.  A bit like Star Bucks is for Americans.  Everyone drinks Tim Horton's coffee.  I've seen people waiting outside them for when it would open.  But Tim Horton's has nothing on my Crispy Cremes.  Sorry.  Since I don't drink coffee, I don't get the appeal.

Back to the story...

After that we hit the road.  We wind our way through Arizona on the highway.  Going up mountain ranges was a bit slow because the truck wasn't built for that sorta thing.  As the mechanic who fixed it said, it's a personal ford motor that they shoved into a commercial vehicle. 

We make it through to New Mexico and after a bit the boys are hollering in the back.  So we decide to stop in a small town outside Albuquerque called Grants.  We looked up a lovely restaurant there called Tasty Kitchen.  We assumed it was some sort of American cuisine, but we were wrong.  It's actually Chinese.  But the food was inexpensive and there was a ton of it.  It was also extremely good.  So please stop in Grants and eat at the Tasty Kitchen. 

Day Two

The next morning we eat leftover Chinese.  Hubby informs me that we must drive a long day today if we are to keep up with the schedule.  We load up the car and then do the unthinkable....get through three states in one day.

First we travel down I-40 through New Mexico, across Texas, and into Oklahoma.  We are completely exhausted.  Hubby is disheveled because by now we have had to sleep with tossing and turning children so naturally he doesn't sleep well.  We land in Elk City and stay the night in a huge hotel room.

Day Three

Hubby informs me that we again have massive driving.  This time we will also get off the I-40 in Oklahoma City and get on the I-44 so we can wind our way north ward. 

What they don't tell you is that I-44 is a toll road.  All the way from Oklahoma City to Missouri.  So if you need to eat or pee or get gas, you have to pay to get off the road.  Unless...you do all these things in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa where they magically make the tolls disappear.  This explains why there is basically nothing from Oklahoma City to Tulsa and from Tulsa to Joplin. 

Anyway, we manage to navigate the nightmare and get into Joplin.  And that's where things go from annoying to bad.

Once we get a little ways outside of Joplin, I stop at a gas station to get Knee some water.  We get back on I-44 and Hubby radios me that we need to pull over (we had used walkie-talkies to communicate throughout our trip).  Something is off with the van and he's unable to get up to speed.

We try this again two other times and he gives up.  So here we are sitting on the side of the interstate calling Uhaul because the truck isn't going.  I should tell you that HB was with Dad so we had to move his seat back into my car and then drive to a gas station.  From the interstate with big 18 wheelers wizzing by at 75 miles an hour.  My husband is super brave.

We wait for a mechanic from Joplin to come and help us out.  He changes the air filter and says he thinks it's the fuel filter.  He shakes it and shoves it back in but can't replace the part as he hasn't got one.  He tells us to get into Springfield and have the local Uhaul replace the part the next morning.


So we won't be making it to my in-laws.

We get 8 miles outside of Springfield and Hubby radios that the truck is loosing speed and to try and find a hotel for the night.  We pull off and discover that the closest hotel is 5 freaking miles down the road.


So Hubby decides to try anyway.  This doesn't work, and we end up turning into some poor guys driveway to leave our truck there until we can get Uhaul back on the phone to send someone out.  By now it's dinner time, and the kids are upset.  We're all flustered.

So picture in your mind, an alpaca, a rooster, trees, nobody home.  We're sitting in this guy's driveway.  Hubby has very little juice on his phone left.  And we're waiting to go meet up at the gas station with the Uhaul guy.  Tired. Cranky. Hungry.  It's getting dark. 

And that's where I leave you.  Until the next edition of the move to Canada.  And just so you know,  having the truck break down twice on us was the least of the headaches of this adventure so far....And no I am not making this shite up. 


  1. Good GRIEF! Sounds like an Epic journey! Glad you're there now!

  2. Oh.my.gosh. No way. I would not have handled this well. I can't believe it got worse.


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