Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Saga Continues

Before we begin...more Canadian factoids. 

First, Happy Assumption!  I was going to go to the evening Mass (even though in Canada you aren't obligated my local parish is had a vigil service).  But my children are getting over hand, foot, and mouth disease.  Didn't I say my life sucks at the moment?  When did this happen? you ask.  Oh, don't worry I'll get to that part.  Suffices to say that we just now have gotten our insurance paper work straightened out and were able to take the boys in.

Secondly, Canadians don't have dollar bills (or the rarer two dollar bill).  They have dollar coins called loonies and two dollar coins called toonies.  A loony in the states means a crazy person.  They call it the loonie because there is a picture of a loon (again crazy person, and the name of a bird) on it.  Uh, that's the bird not a crazy person. 

Finally, if you haven't read the first part of my adventure in which our moving truck breaks down, you might want to because it's relevant to today's portion of the tale.  

Day Three Evening

Back to the person's driveway...

We meet up with the new mechanic in our car and take him down to the car.  The sun is setting.  We watch lightening bugs while I complain to the mechanic's tag along, his girlfriend, that we haven't eaten and have no idea where a hotel is.  Technology is awesome.  She has a smart phone.  Come back to that later.

Mechanic pulls apart the truck and tries to figure out why the check engine light came on.  Does the same thing as the previous mechanic and basically says the only thing he can do is take us to his shop which is in Springfield.

We load up and get to his shop.  He determines that it'd be easier on us so he goes to Walmart to get the part.  Meanwhile, we quickly run up to an Arby's and grab dinner.  We feed them in the car at the shop.  (probably how the whole dirtiness thing started)  His kind girlfriend is concerned about the boys' welfare that she calls up a local hotel and asks about availability.  Then she relays the message that they do indeed have room.

After he fixes the truck, we back track to the hotel from his shop.  We secure the last two bed room (double bed room) and crash at 11 pm (22 hrs).  I think we pulled the boys shoes off their feet and that was all she wrote.  The truck ran fine after that.

Day Four

Prior to our break down, my MIL dealt with moving things about.  My parents, who we were meeting to help with the next leg, also had their own adventure.  On there way up through Memphis, their car suddenly went nutty and every light imaginable lit up on the dash.  So they too had their own roadside off the interstate break down.  Fortunately they were able to get back to a dealership where they left the car for repairs.  They ended up driving a rental the rest of the way and with us to Canada.

We met them (and their flashy rental) at Fort Leonard Wood.  My brother is stationed there.  After our rendezvous, we traveled as a three car caravan to an area south of St. Louis (I think).  My MIL made us hotel reservations and we were able to meet her and my FIL there.

We had a nice meal.  The boys got to swim in a wading pool.  And we sort of relaxed.  Then my in-laws left for the evening.

Yes, it was Sunday.  Yes, I missed Mass.  I'm not too happy about that, but given the circumstances I'm sure my penance will be a small one.

Day Five

Here our three car caravan went through Missouri, Illinois, and stopped in Indiana.  We thought about doing the unthinkable of going through four states to enter Michigan, but Hubby decided to stop in Fort Wayne. 

That evening HB didn't eat.  He felt on fire so I got Hubby to go find the medicine box which was strategically placed at the back of the moving truck.  In the middle of night, he woke up and vomited.

And there I will leave you with a sick preschooler who as it turned out had the beginnings of hand,food, and mouth. 

I'll pick up at some point with the travel of Day Six and crossing the boarding into Canada and all the "fun" that happened there.

And if you think my story is so far exaggerated or that I've made it up, I assure you that I have witnesses who can confirm that yes, our truck broke down twice, my parent's car broke down too, and my children got sick as well.  Like I said, I need a book deal.

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