Friday, September 13, 2013

10 Things of Thankful- Vol. 15

1) Curtains- You have no idea what it's like to walk into a rental and notice that there are zero window treatments and no curtain rods.  There was literally little holes where the brackets once were.  I got used to changing in the bathroom (where there are no windows) and the blazing sun.  But now we have curtains that I made so I'm happy and thankful to be able to move around the house without worrying about my neighbors seeing my oldest naked from the waist down (potty training) or running around in diapers or me in my jammies.

2) Cool weather- When it gets warm, it's awful.  I lived in the desert, but 1) it's a dry heat and 2) we had a/c.  There's no central air and the place doesn't have any window unit a/c.  We have to open the windows and use fans or move down to the basement where it's cooler.  I can just see Tiffany and Cam cringing right now and asking themselves how we don't die from heat stroke.  Desert people are hardy, doncha know.

3) Sewing Machine- Seriously.  I don't know how people survive without owning one.  I can hand sew but that takes a lot longer.  My husband doesn't know how to use a machine either.  I had to teach him how to sew on a button.  So I think it's important to teach my children how to use a machine.  I have no idea why traditionalists don't teach male children the domestic arts.  Priests need to be able to repair a hem or cook an omelet.  And even dads need to be able to do this sort of thing if their wife is sick.  Makes no sense to me.  And neither does not showing a female child how to change a flat or mow the law.  Women drive cars.

4) Crock Pots- My local grocery store doesn't carry a wide selection of frozen breakfast treats plus like everything else they are expensive.  I've even called to see if the American ones I used to buy were around.  Nope.  So no more pop in the microwave breakfast.  I am not a morning person.  I wake up bleary eyed.  My idea of breakfast involves 3 minutes.  And I'm sick of egg sandwiches or toast or cereal.  So I'm hoping that my internet search for breakfast meals made over-night in the crock pot will come to my rescue.  My crock pot gets well used for other meals so why not?

5) Broadcast television- We've never had cable.  For a while, we had netflix.  Now we are feasting on our movie collection and broadcast tv.  TVO basically runs children's programming all day long.  I'm not a fan of all the shows, but they do include some old PBS favorites and some British shows like Peppa Pig.  So that's great.  Not a fan of our one station that gives the news.  For whatever reason they mix national and local news together and it's confusing for me to categorize what's going on. of the stations does have Mass on in the afternoons.  Nevertheless I'm thankful I have anything at all to choose from.

6) The US hasn't gone to war with Syria yet- It's really hard for me to follow what's going on south of me (or west or east).  But I know Obama has been wondering what to do about Syria.  I really don't think the US can afford another conflict let alone think it's morally licit at this point.

7) I'm thankful that Ontario has sense about religious freedom- Quebec is debating about passing laws that prohibit the wearing of religious garb or jewelry among government employees.  This means nurses who wear hijabi can't.  Or teachers who wear crucifixes can't (unless they tuck it in their shirt).  But this is what one Ontario hospital had to say about that:
To paraphrase what one person said about the HHS mandate in relation to the Catholic Church, we are all Muslim now.  The lack of religious freedom of one major religion means encroachment of all other major religions.  No matter your views of said religion.  It affects everyone.

8) I am thankful that I most likely won't have to deal with anymore government paper work!

9) Free bookshelves- Somebody left some book shelves by the dumpster.  One is missing the backing but we anchored it to the wall.

10) My new parish- Have I mentioned that it's run by Discalced Carmelite Friars.  Awesomesauce!  They also have two Catholic schools attached to them.  One is French speaking and the other English.  I'm thinking maybe next year HB can attend what's called Pre-Kindergarten.  But we'll see.  I'm not too keen on starting him at full-day school five days a week at age 4 (okay 4.5).  Legally we don't have to send him to school until 6, but just like the UK and America people really think starting children in school is helpful academically when it's totally not.  It's just something I'm considering since he misses his teachers so much.

Ten Things of Thankful


  1. What a gorgeous list - the whole tone is so much calmer and more settled. I'm really glad you're finding ways to make life work up there, and that there's light at the end of the paperwork trail.

    You're rising to the challenge, and I'm really loving that you're sharing it here so that a)we can see how it's done and b)we know you're all okay.

    Thanks for joining in with us this weekend :)

  2. HI, I'm popping over from the Thankful Hope, so it's nice to meet you.
    That poster from the Ontario hospital is so great, and so true. It's what's in your head that matters. And I am in full agreement with you on number 6. I really hope they find a way to deal with the problems in Syria without going to war.

    And I also like my sewing machine!

  3. I am SO with you on #3!!! My husband and I are fairly Trad-minded, though we don't go to the Tridentine Mass very often because of it being a long drive for us. However, any kid of ours, male or female, will be able to check fluids on a car, change a tire, jump-start a battery, cook at least 5 well-balanced and healthy meals, do laundry correctly, iron, do basic sewing repairs (I won't expect them to learn how to sew their own clothes, but sewing up a split seam or repairing a button is something that anyone can reasonably do), mow a lawn, clean the house, write a formal business letter, budget correctly, grocery shop effectively, and discuss various situations with repairmen and technicians--and they'll learn these skills before they leave for college.

    When I was in college, most of my friends had no idea even how to change a tire, and a lot of them would say about it that "oh, my husband/brother/dad/boyfriend can change it for me!" I say that it's great if someone will change it for you, and if I have a flat I certainly won't refuse if a nice guy offers to change it, but I also don't want to be stuck at the side of the road at 3 AM and waiting for an hour for anyone to come help me, y'know? I once stopped to help a woman stranded at the side of the road. Judging by the way she and her daughters were dressed, they were either very Trad-Catholic or belonged to a branch of fundamentalist/evangelical Protestantism. As I jump-started her van, she actually gave me some attitude about how it wasn't very "womanly" to know how to do such things. Since when is being incompetent part of being feminine?

    /end rant

  4. What a pertinent list. I really am so with you. I didn't realize Quebec was trying to restrict religious garb. Another example of finding an unnecessary focus when so much more needs attention (my opinion). Thanks for joining in the TToT!

  5. I really enjoyed your list - and especially love #3! Too true - boys and girls really should know how to do each other's so-called traditional jobs! :)

    I also love #7 - it's very true that what's in your head is more important than what you wear on it! :)

  6. True that! Quebec has always been the run away province. They have separatists who want to leave the country. This latest move is in order to "preserve the culture". Its dumb because they are only making themselves look less attractive and serves to isolate them.

  7. Well, this list certainly shows you and I have a whole mess of things in common!
    Except the sewing part. I really wish I knew how to sew with a machine. I have at least helped change flat tires. I have no idea how to work a sewing machine. Someday, I hope to take some lessons.
    I'm with you on the early education. It's out of control. There are way too many expectations on little kids, which is going to result in the opposite of what the lawmakers are going for with all of this mandatory all day kindergarten. Kids will be frustrated, because they can't do the work (which shouldn't be their work in the first place) and end up hating school and learning. There are more discipline problems, because 5 year olds aren't meant to stay seated and listen all day long.
    OK, enough on that. (I'll spare you from my rant agreeing with you on religious freedom.)
    Great post, and I'm glad to see you are settling into your new home.

  8. Welcome to the TToT! Afraid I have to disagree about cool weather being a good thing*

    Also, being the sole Host representing the District of Y-Chromoszonia, I will lay claim to being able to sew... a button or maybe the cuffs on my pants provided: it is a straight line I have to sew and the thread gets to be the same color as the ...thing being sewn.
    As to sewing way! no only do I not have a clue as to operating one... but they are scary and I totally don't get how the 'bottom thread' get to the top surface of the cloth being worked on...

    One of the really cool thing about the TToT is that it is a true 2 day bloghop... people will visit on both days...writing and commenting.

    *ok, might be relative... but it could be 'cooler' instead of cool... cold...freezing... lol

    1. There is a mechanism that pulls it along and the needle goes through the fabric with additional thread and loops the two threads together. In hand sewing you push through one piece of thread. In machine its two being looped together which is why machine stitch fabric doesnt come apart as easily.

  9. I agree with the breakfast. Yay for cold cereal ;-) I need to sit down tomorrow, suck it up, and try out the sewing machine. I wonder when Lily's tooth is going to fall out and she'll need her tooth fairy pillow!

    Have a great weekend ;-)

  10. hubbie must have forgotten how to sew on a button. I also know he cleans house pretty good, too.

    1. Probably. He looked at me like I was nuts when i told that hed have to do it. He wanted to get rid of the shirt. So I stepped him through. Same with cooking. He * knows* how he just wont do anything other than the microwave unless he has to. My measurements for you know a little of this and that drives him nuts. I tried to explain the portions of oil to kernels and ended up telling him to read the bag. His response " oh well if it tells you than I'll just follow it". I prefer to eyeball. Less work than looking for measuring cups.

  11. The low 90's are in the forecast here in the desert; before I know it, we'll be back in the 80's. Hurray for cooler weather--I agree!

    I've been talking a bit about religious freedom on my blog. It is an important issue, no matter what the particular religion might be.

    I can theoretically change a tire, but have found it's nearly impossible for me to get the lug nuts loosened. When the tires are put on at the shop, the workers use a pneumatic wrench, making the lug nuts extremely difficult to remove by hand. So, changing a tire for me is a case of "the spirit is willing (and capable!) but the flesh is weak."

    1. Yes. Me too! I just dont even try. No upper body strength.

    2. This won't remove a lug nut that is seriously tight, but it'll remove them if it's past what you can do with upper body strength but not quite at ultimate-pneumatic-drill-tight. In this case, it helps if you (like me) have a certain amount of avoirdupois. ;) Obviously, don't do this if you have poor balance/weak ankles/etc; use common sense.

      Put the tire iron on one of the nuts so that the tire iron is parallel to the ground. Hold onto the car for balance, and step onto the tire iron. Bounce slightly.

      (No, I haven't had to do this at all, why do you ask...?)

  12. I so agree with you about teaching children of both genders domestic survival skills, in this day and age it's not a given that there will be someone to do it for them! And while you're at it, balancing a check book and paying expenses. I'm amazed at how many adults I know do not have a basic understanding of finances!

    I love you for your position on religious freedom, freedom does not exist if it's only freedom for some and not all. I think we've taken the "anti-terrorist trauma" way too far in requiring individuals to give up statements of personal belief. As the sign says, "It doesn't matter!" Tolerance and respect are two very important words to learn!

    This was a great post, I enjoyed it all the way through! :-)

  13. I am so glad to hear someone else talk about teaching kids things which are typically "opposite" their gender roles. I have been working at teaching my boys to cook and clean and do laundry. Sewing is next, actually. :)

    Sorry about no AC..that is brutal! Glad the weather has cooled has gotten cooler here as well so that is very nice. Love having the windows open day and night (although then you gte all the ragweed in the house...but I am not complaining! Just commenting!) :)

    Thanks for sharing your was great! :)

  14. I learned how to sew on a treadle machine, so even though I now have a machine that is capable of making some decorative stitches and buttonholes, I still can only go forward and backwards. It's enough to get what I need done.

    We don't have cable or satellite, either. Just broadcast tv and rabbit ears on our tv sets. (Clark makes fun of me for this, and no, we haven't had to put aluminum foil on the rabbit ears to improve the reception). I only miss it on the weekends, when broadcast tv leaves quite a bit to be desired.

  15. love the list. I especially liked "The lack of religious freedom of one major religion means encroachment of all other major religions. No matter your views of said religion. It affects everyone. " And your crock pot and the possibility of crock pot breakfasts. I'm fascinated. I hope you share any recipes that you find! What a timesaver if you do.

    P.S. If you have a story you'd like to share a story with my followers/readers, I'm hosting (on Facebook) a link in comments of Share Your Story Sunday I'd love you to leave a link if this interests you.

  16. I really wish I could sew. My sister-in-law is amazing at it and I'm well. Not. In fact, I barely passed seventh grade home-ec class. Sigh. Love your list and YES YES YES to number 7. Religious freedom shouldn't even be something that we need to talk about any longer. And yet, we do. Glad you shared that one this week.

  17. No a/c in my part of the world would be really terrible. I am in the Southeastern US and if I had to raise my windows in the summer...sometimes 90 + house would be a sauna. Strike that...a sauna would be more comfy! LOL! I am very much looking forward to the 80 degree temps that are forcasted for mid-week this week!

    I know some friends who have prepared a crock pot oatmeal dish overnight and they say it is excellent! I've never tried it, but I do love my crock pot very much! It can be a lifesaver some nights!

    A very nice list you have here! :-)


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