Thursday, September 12, 2013

7 Not So Quick Takes- The "Wocha Been Up To" Edition

Happy Belated Birthday, Momma Mary!
1) So our stuff with the government is done.  The car has been tagged which was a bit of an ordeal.  We sorta imported the car, which means to say this:  If you intend to come to Canada for longer than two years you must go through the Registrar of Imported Vehicles and you must tell the US 3 days before you cross.  Then you have a month to modify your car according to their specifications.  But...we aren't going to be here that long so...we only notified customs that we were bringing the car.  They gave us what's called a "Form One."  Then you go and get an Ontario driver's license (which needs both your old US license and your driving history).  You take your car to an auto shop and have it safety and emissions inspected.  Our shop did an hour long job.

Now in Mississippi you're required to get an inspection sticker (or at least you used to).  They basically make you honk your horn and hit your brakes to makes sure your break lights work and so on.  In Ontario they took an hour.  And we failed it because we're leaking fluid with our brake something-or-other (cylinders I think).  So we had to have it fixed.

Then you take all that lovely paper work and more down to Service Ontario.  Service Ontario is where you register for health insurance and your car.  You get your driver's license in another location called driver's test even if you don't have to take one.  In the US, anything to do with cars or driving or any vehicles is in one local.  Not in Canada.  Different departments.  Then Service Ontario makes you sign all kinds of paper work to issue you your registration form and give you car tags.

But here's the fun part.  My car has never had a front tag.  So we had to get a drill bit and a front plate holder thingy.  Fun times.  Fortunately we don't have to modify the car.  We just have to make sure our lights stay on because in Canada all cars are required to have day time running lights.

With me so far...

2) Okay.  So mail in Canada is delivered only Monday-Friday excluding.  In the US we also deliver on Saturdays.  If you plan to send anything to Canada from the US expect that it will take longer.  Speaking of mail...

Earlier this week I got a letter about the hot water tank.  Apparently without permission, the previous tenants three years ago removed the old water tank and rented a new one with a 120 month lease.  They didn't secure permission from the property manager to do this.  So after they moved out, the previous tenant stopped by to pick up her mail.

See in Canada it costs 25 smacks to have your mail forwarded to a new address.  In the US it's free.  She said she had set things up to be forwarded with each individual, but I think she's lying (or very forgetful) because I'm still getting mail for them over a month later.

Anyway..she mentions something about a water bill.  Which is confusing because we set up London Hydro.  They are our electric and water provider.  Which incidentally for 10 days our bill was close to 500 dollars.  Since we're not from Canada we have to put down a refundable deposit of 350 dollars.

Later I mention this dialogue with the former tenant to the property manager who confused me more and then said don't worry about it.  Until this letter shows up saying that we bought the property (which we didn't) and therefore the lease on the water tank needs to be transfered. I call the lady and explain that I'm confused.  "So you're another tenant, huh?  Well I already spoke to the property manager.  He needs to sign it or in 10 days we have to remove the tank and you won't have hot water."

So I call the property manager who says I should bar them from entering and call him.  He doesn't want them taking this tank (even though it's rightfully theirs) because of what happened with the previous tenants removing the old one.  I don't know.  Let's just say next week, I may be wanting to shoot lazer beams out of my eye sockets.

Still with me...

3) We're still working on cleaning.  It's been obviously slow.  It doesn't help that my oldest is giving up his nap and as a result is tired.  But instead of being groggy, he ramps it up to a whole new level and thus causes mayham.  Fortunately I spoke to a specialist who suggested moving his bed time down and trying different easy going activities before this happens to try and keep the mayham to a minimum.  Yay.  More work for me.  (said very sarcastically)

4) I've been discerning entering the Confraternity of the Brown Scapular.  It seems every time I try to run from Carmel, it finds me.  Dang.  My previous parish was Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  And my current parish is run by Discalced Carmelite Friars.  Yes, sandals and all.  I love our priest.  But unfortunately I stand out.  In my old parish there were about 4 of us head covering.  In this one, me.  The second time I went to Mass, Father asked me if I was Amish.  He meant it sincerely as I think he's from India.  I'm not sure if I should take that as a compliment.  I told him that I'm American and told him the name of my previous parish and he lit up.  Maybe I should steer the conversation to mantillas and how it's becoming more common in the states to see it.  But I have a funny feeling if he finds out that I don't wear a scapular but bought one "just in case" he may convince me to enroll.  Or worse try to have me to discern the Secular Order.  Ah!!!  I'm trying to stay below the radar. I'm a horrible sinner, Father!  You have no idea.

5) Canadians are big into recycling.  Big.  Like as in "don't ever say recycling is not worth it to a Canadian" big.  I really had no idea.  But the garbage pick up is so confusing.  In the states, you're garbage is picked up the same day every week.  In Canada your garbage is picked up with your recycling and it rotates.  Tomorrow is trash day and next week...none.  Then the following week it's on Monday.  And no I'm not kidding.  I have it all in a handy dandy calendar.

6) Speaking of which...Still with me.

I need to stop thinking about Halloween costumes and focus on Thanksgiving.  Because in Canada Thanksgiving is before Halloween.  This year is the 14th of October.  Do you think it's possible to celebrate two Thanksgivings in one year?  Or do you think that's too much?

7) I think that's enough don't you?  Link up!


  1. Ok, the Amish thing really made me laugh, ha! I'm the only veil wearer in my parish too, so we're in this together. And no, two Thanksgivings are definitely not too much. Is there a different tradition with regard to the food served there? I know it's all about the harvest, so maybe all vegetables? :)

    1. Actually Canadian Thanksgiving is based on the US one so the food is the same.

  2. Just as in the US some services are run by the US Government and some by the state, in Canada some things are federal, and some are provincial, and some are municipal. The post office is federal, as suggested by its name "Canada Post"--so the Monday-Friday only delivery and the extra charges are uniform across the country. However, car regulations are provincial, and you are running into Ontario requirements. Here in Nova Scotia, there is no requirement for permanent daytime lights, though they are strongly encouraged, and we haven't used front license plates in years.
    You're right about the emphasis on recycling (you should hear my Georgia cousins on the subject when they are here!) but the days and other details are set by the municipality. In Halifax, trash is one week and green bin the next (but always on the same day.) Other types of recycling can go out either week. I've been here since before it all started, and by now I sort and put out without even thinking. But when I'm at my cottage (300km away and in the same province), even though the day is, coincidentally, the same, the sorting guidelines are ever so slightly different, and I'm constantly checking the instruction sheet. It does take getting used to!
    I suspect our Thanksgiving is earlier because our growing season is noticeably shorter. I like the wider gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas, but by all means celebrate the two Thanksgivings if you wish. You'll have an easier time of it than my English-born husband. (In England both the date and the focus is different, and he never quite "got" the North American version.)
    I hope your hot water system gets sorted out soon. That's just a human mix-up that could happen anywhere.
    (I've been away quite a bit at the aforementioned cottage, but I enjoyed the epic tale of your trek north and was glad to see you did make it to Mass on the Assumption. :))

    1. Thanks for the clarification. Natually my only experience has been Ontario so I should be more specific. Mea culpa.

      The former tenant issue is the property managers fault. He doesn't have a backbone. If he knew this happened he should have had the tank replaced and sued the former tenant. But he's just avoiding the whole thing. I know it could have happened any place.

      In the US there's only so much you can do with recycling. Plastic really cant be reused the same way again. Often it gets dumped. It makes me wonder why Canada doesnt try empasizing reducing or reusing plastic rather than simply recycling. At least I dont see any less consumption than the US. This morning during playgroup several people had a disposable TimHorton cup. But I could be wrong.

  3. Oh my gracious, that made me dizzy just reading it let alone living it!


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