Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes

1) I'm sure you've heard about Pope Francis's interview.  And naturally how the press spin it.  The New York Times Titled their article "Pope Says Church is 'Obsessed' with Gays, Abortion and Birth Control."  Actually that's not what he said.  He never specified which specific disjointed disciplines the church is obsessed with.  ABC news has a headline titled "Pope Warns Church on Divisive rules on Abortion and Gays."  Say what?  Did they even attempt to read the same interview?

2) My youngest has been put to bed four times now.  I think he's teething.  This last time I gave him Tylenol because I laid him down 20 minutes and he popped up again.

3) My oldest's behavior has improved greatly.  See.  HB has been a behavioral problem as of late. It's understandable; he asked to go home a lot in the beginning because he missed the desert.  His parents were stressed and in desperate need of prosac.  And then to top it off he has been giving up the nap.  So what happened is an afternoon of misery and bad behavior.  I finally called a child specialist hot line and explained everything.  Because sometimes as a parent you know, but you're so frazzled you just need to remember and to vent.  So the game plan was morning is for active play and afternoon is for quiet play.  If he starts to head down the spun up zone (because when he's tired he gets nutty and can't calm himself down easily), then I'm to switch to another quiet activity.  If he's tired and wants a nap at a reasonable time, I'm to let him sleep but only for an hour.  If he's falling asleep too late (usually dinner time), then I'm to poke him and get him to do something to wake back up.  The idea being to try and keep him awake until he's closer to his ideal bed time.

And it's amazing how much it's helped his behavior just to get over this "no nap" hump.  I think he's actually happy that I'm helping him stay on the straight and narrow.  He really does what to be a good kid.

And today he peed in his potty twice.  The first time he was sitting there and said "I need to go pee in my potty."  Then off he went and peed.  The second time he just got up and went.  He told us later.

I guess it's a sign that I should start operation underwear.  I need to get him in the habit of not having to be half naked before he goes and uses the toilet.  So we'll have to have that talk tomorrow.

4) And I want to praise some smart mom out there who created Dapper Snappers.  My child is a string bean and his pants keep falling down.  And those things are awesome.  I never would have thought some elastic and some snaps can do the trick.  Thank you!  And thank you for making them in the US.  I bought them in a local Canadian store.  Still doing my part.

5) Knee got stung by some stinging creature a couple days ago.  I was putting HB in the car and had parked Knee in the stroller on the sidewalk in front.  I saw a bug flying around but didn't pay it much mind.  It wasn't until I heard a horrible shriek and crying followed by him tugging on his ear profusely that I realized said bug musta stung him.  And sure enough he had a little blood.  I hugged him and loved on him a little.  Then deposited him into the car and rushed home to get ice.  Fortunately he is not allergic to whatever it was.  But I figured he wasn't.  Neither Hubby and I are.  And he's not been allergic to anything thus far so...

6) Salvation is a gift and heaven and hell are not punishments/rewards.  I get tired of that kind of talk.  Salvation is free for anyone.  You can't earn it.  To loose your salvation is a natural consequence.  It's like loosing your wallet.  It's not a punishment to loose your wallet.  But you are still responsible for it nonetheless.  But than again maybe that analogy is bad because you don't intend to loose your wallet.  With salvation, if you know better and still continue on that path, you have to deal with the consequence of loosing your salvation.

God also doesn't take it from you.  If the goal is to be in heaven loving God, than naturally you do so on earth.  If you don't care about God, and not have a relationship with him then you won't eternally either.  That's called Hell.  It's all the natural consequence of a decision that YOU make.

7) Another fun filled Canadian fact.  Canada is currently doing away with the penny.  When I go to the store they round.  Say your bill is 10.02 CAD then you pay 10 dollars.  If it's 10.03, then you pay 10.05.  Make sense.  Apparently Australia has already given up the penny and the store clerk believes that the US may be next.

HA!  She doesn't know how upset the US gets about change (to cause differences, not pocket change) even if that change makes sense.  (No pun intended) Because pennies cost more to make than they are worth it would be a reasonable idea.  But I see people feeling cheated and not going for it.

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  1. I looooooooooooove Dapper Snappers! My 5-year-old is a string bean too.


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