Monday, September 23, 2013

Virtual Home Tour- The Basement

I know a basement.  How glamorous can that be?  Well...I've never lived in a house with a basement.  But my basement is partially finished so you may be surprised.

This is the first room you see in the basement.  It's what I call the monkey room.  The kids' toys theoretically live down there.  I cleaned it up for you but normally I don't plan on cleaning it very much.  I'm that lazy about cleaning up toys in a play room.  Yes, that's a tricycle in the play room.  It's big enough they can ride it (provided they don't dump out every toy from those two tubs).  I also plan on bringing their outdoor table and chairs when it gets cold.

Here are the monkey's on the walls.  They are swinging from vine to vine.  Those are just some stick on wall decals.  BTW if you do come to crash at our place, I promise to pick up the toys.  The basement is probably the most temperature stable area of the house.  We've contemplated sleeping down there ourselves.

And that's the stairs.  It's blank.  I'm thinking I might get some educational posters and put them up.  But then I figure it may be a giant waste of money because my children tear up things.  We'll see.  I may have to put them up high.  Also that big box thing to the right, that's our water shut-off.  (On top are boxes full of kids books) Apparently they put them inside your house in Canada.  Burrr...

Next room...

This is the parental unit play room or storage.  As you can tell Hubby's games are there and so is his field equipment and tools.  You can't see it but my sewing machine is in the other corner.  The boxes are a hodgepodge of crafts, picture frames, and holiday decorations.  My wedding dress is also down there.

If you turn your head to the right you'll see this.  It's the leaf to our dinning table and another door that leads to a hideaway area under the stairs.  We have broken down boxes and paint hidden down there.

To get to this room you go through a different door from the monkey room and veer right.  If you veer left you end up in the laundry room... Yes, they share a door.  And yes, it's a bit annoying with children while doing laundry.  But hey, I have in door facilities.

Laundry room.  I need to get a better plug (that actually stops up the drain) for the wash tub.  And possibly a new drying rack.  My old one took a beating and didn't survive my children.  This is the unfinished part.

If you look to the right, you'll see this odd thing.  Apparently the monkey room was used as a bedroom and since it doesn't have a closet, they constructed a hanging rack.  And left it...I didn't feel like hauling it upstairs to give back to them.  And they didn't care about it being left behind enough to ask for it back.  (even though they left the sewing machine without caring.  I told them about that.)  So I moved it into the laundry room and am hanging up clothes that can't go into the dryer on it to dry.

And if you look left this is the hot water tank that of late may or may not be here.  Since this thing is in dispute.

And that's the basement.  I hope to be getting around to showing you the ground floor.  The great thing about virtual tours is that you can give the illusion that your house is spotless.  Really my entire house is never spotless.  That's just impossible.  As soon as I finish one room my children pull stuff back out.  Doesn't matter if it's sheets on the bed or kitchen serving spoons.  *sigh*  So you at least can tell how I would like my home to be all the time ideally.

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