Sunday, September 1, 2013

Virtual House Tour- Sneak Peek Edition

Well the nostalgia of living in a place without screaming neighbors wore off when today a neighbor dropped loads of f-bombs while screaming to "open the door."  I don't know what was going on.  My other neighbors stood outside observing, and as it was on my row of townhouses, I couldn't see where exactly this was going on.  I do know that the whole row shook as the gentlemen in question banged on the door to get inside. 

I'm sure I bug my neighbors too.  Although my screams aren't usually directed toward my husband, they are normally me shrieking at my eldest to "get back here" as he opens the previously locked front door and sprints out.  People have no idea what it's like to live with an HB.  Really.  None.  I'm sure my neighbors also enjoyed the episode where I screamed like a banshie while he grabbed a hunk of my hair and refused to let go.  HB can be so difficult to deal with sometimes when he's pissed.  And while I understand that screaming at your children isn't necessarily a good thing, having to talk to your child over long distances or dealing with pain seem to be reasonable reasons to be screaming.  If my neighbors get worried and think I'm abusive, I hope that others will attest to the fact that the reasons I'm screaming are reasonable ones.  Unlike some of my neighbors...

Oh, yes, tour.  So my house is getting there.  Slowly.  Painfully S.l.o.w.l.y.

But I have some sneak peeks for you.  Please ignore the obvious amount of mess.  We just moved in.

Bedroom- Bookcase of fiction which is mostly fantasy and science fiction.  I picked out and made all the drapery in my house.
Office- books are non-fiction science and music plus some role playing books and photo albums.  Those draps are duplicated in the boys' room.

Living room- Boy's book shelf.  It doesn't have all their books (because that would mean an even bigger mess).  Found that book shelf just outside the dumpster one morning.  Purple drapes.  HB loves purple; it's also the color of Hubby's current uni job.

Living room- That book shelf was next to the other one at the dumpster.  It's missing the backing so it's more like shelving.  We anchored it to the wall (like all the other tall bookshelves).  Contains non-fiction religious/philosophy texts, parenting books, housekeeping books, and history/political books.  It's mostly empty because my children have a habit of destroying things.

Dining area- I love how these drapes turned out.  They have twins in the kitchen.

Big Bathroom- As you can see, my youngest likes to clean.  My oldest would rather eat moth balls than pick up his toys.
And there you have it.  The sneak peek.  At some point I will give you a virtual tour, but I also have much more to organize and I haven't put up any pictures whatsoever.  I tend to like to do most everything else first and then add pictures and other decor.  The drapes needed to be done because we had no window dressings whatsoever.  And I finally (finally!) finished all the drapes today.

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