Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Kijiji Finds

So Kijiji (K for short...way too many iis and jjs's pronounced Key-Gee-Gee and means "village" in Swahili) is an online advertising site.  It's basically Craig's List minus Craig.  Please note that the link takes you to the London, Ontario site.  If you scroll to the bottom you can find your country.  It sends me to London because that's where my net address thingy comes from (the name escapes me at the moment).

K is far more popular than Craig's List, which also has a page for London.  K was started in Canada so that might be why it's more popular.  Whereas Craig's List, which is popular in the US, was started in the US.  I'm guessing the UK has it's own big online ad site.

Anyways...they have a free section which I comb several times a day.  Most of the time they advertise pets but every once in a while you snap up something good.  Sometimes I see a posting but someone already snagged the item.

Here are my free finds:

Christmas cards

box with gift bags, ribbon, and some of the decor including a couple of Easter eggs.  If anyone is having a baby shower, I'm set on the wrapping.
Christmas stuff.  A while back someone posted free Christmas stuff and said they had lights.  Since I don't buy Chinese (which is where all lights come from now) I clapped my hands excitedly and picked up three large bags of Christmas stuff.  I went through them all selecting a few things, trashing the junk, and donating the rest that was good but too breakable for my kids to Goodwill.

What was in it (that I took):
several greenary garlands
several bead strands
several fluffy garland thingies
an angel tree toper
several lights (I think I ended up with two or three fully working strands...the rest I trashed)
a candle heated scented wax burner thingy with several tea lights candles
there was a ton of decor but I took only a few things
several gift bags
a box of miscellaneous Christmas cards
stamps and stamper (fun for kids along with Christmas cards...I see projects in my future)
stuffed snowmen and teddy bears
audio tapes of Christmas music (not sure if I still have a tape player)
VHS tapes of Christmas kids movies
A Christmas decor/recipe/hosting book

It was a lot.  A lot more than I had to begin with which wasn't much.  So my house is going to look like it puked up Christmas this year.  Especially since I dragged in a fake Christmas tree from the garbage.  It was a prelit one.  Must have had issues with the lights because they didn't work properly and they had also left on additional lights.  So I ended up with a strand of blinking colored lights.  And I removed all the ones twisted into the tree.  The top part is bent a little, but it looks so much better than my Charlie Brown tree.  I'm sure I can bend it back.  My Charlie Brown tree will be the Jesse tree and the other I'll go gaga with.  You'll see....

This thing is the bomb with bored children.
My next find was this little gem.  It's a water table.  The other half is sitting outside.  It's a little scuffed up and was sitting in someone's shed, but I see potential even in winter.  This Little Tyles Water and Sand Table is awesome.  The kids last month used it for playdough and this month I filled it with rice.  Right now it's sitting in the laundry room because we are working on not throwing the rice around the room.  Next month I'll make some more dough only instead of being cinnamon, it'll be peppermint.

Cinnamon Playdough
1/2 cup salt
2 cups water
2 tablespoons vegetable oil
2 cups flour
2 tablespoons of alum
2 tablespoons of cinnamon

In a sauce pan, combine water and salt.  Bring to a boil and let dissolve.  Remove from heat.  Dissolve cinnamon then add remaining ingredients.  Kneed until smooth.  Dough is good for 2 months.  It also looks and smells like cookie dough.

Free Couch.  Free Snow suit.
When my dad came down, he slept on the couch.  But it wasn't a pull out couch so not very comfortable.  I offered the bed, but he refused.  Kind of him as the boys would have pounced on him in the middle of the night.

We also have a friend coming to visit in December.  Hubby and I debated how to deal with sleeping arrangements.  Blow up mattress?  The couch again?  So I had been diligently scanning K for a pull-out sofa.  They often have furniture listed so it was only a matter of time and patience since pull-outs get snapped up quickly. 

This little jewel was snapped up, but the list-er put me on as runner up.  When the person failed to pick it up, I agreed to do so.

Technically this pull-out wasn't free.  We had to rent a Home Depot van (you want a van in London because it snows or rains a lot).  But it wasn't much; less than 30 dollars.  And we had to manpower it off a porch and into the van and then into our house.  Lots of cursing and swearing on my part.  Pull-outs are heavier than standard couches and this one tried to open up when we turned it.

It's got a mattress (which some small holes), and the couch has a few stains, but it works perfectly fine.  *Grammar Nazi alert*

And finally today...

I got a second snow suit for Knee (see picture).  I had been telling Hubby that while I love Knee's down snow suit, it's a one piece.  And I wish I had a two piece option so that he could have a thicker jacket.  The one he has is a bit thin, but would work great if he would wear his hoodie underneath.  Alas he hates clothing so the less layers, the better.

Well it was like my lips to God's ears (and I didn't even pray about it or anything).  There on K was a listing for a free snow suit, 2 T.  I asked the list-er if it was two piece and she said it was.  Huzzah!  It's a little big for Knee, but he's between sizes (18-24 months).  As I told Hubby, he'll grow into it.

So I picked it up.

Currently there's also a study on sleep listed.  I'll have to inquire tomorrow.  I've also seen notices posted in the events section that was helpful like the 50% off at Goodwill (where I bought stuff for us grown-ups) and the Mom-to-Mom sale (where I bought HB's snow boots, boys' snow suits, and some of HB's shirts).

So if you don't use the free section of your big online ad site, then you are totally missing out.  As my husband remarks, "I have an awesome wife."

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