Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembrance Day, Snow, and Selfies

Today in Canada it's Remembrance Day.  It's sort like Veterans' Day and Memorial Day except it's on one day.  Unlike the US, they were red poppies which is sorta French-thing.  It has something to do with the on the graves of soldiers red poppies would grow.  And equally unlike the US, the emphasis is on peace and peace-keeping rather than war, freedom, liberty, etc.  Don't get me wrong they talk about freedom and whatnot, but it's downplayed in comparison to the US.

For example, yesterday HB went to Sunday School (it's really Children's Liturgy) which is run by teens.  For whatever reason the male teacher and HB have become buds (maybe it's a male thing or HB has driven all the girls crazy because he doesn't sit still.  Guys can relate to that right? Or should I say "eh?").  So I try and ask him what they learned that day.  Usually HB's pictures are scrawls and he describes to me that one face is Momma (me) and the other HB (himself).  So they don't explain much.  Long story short, the teacher tells me that they talked about "being nice."

What does that have to do with Remembrance Day?  Well, that's the thing.  They use the day to teach children about how to handle conflict better don't have to go to war.  I'm guessing his teachers were teaching the children how to handle conflicts and to "be nice" to each other.

Even the local broadcast program (or is it programme?) discussed sharing and taking-turns and using words.

Okay, DF.  Your liberal side is showing.

Yes, yes I know.  It's that whole pacifist trying to latch onto a holiday thing.  And since Canada leans in that direction, it works for me.  I only wish America stopped making itself look so bad.  Instead we hear growing up "fight for our freedoms."  That was like oh, so American Revolution.  Let's face it.  The terrorists haven't got a leg to stand on.  Our freedoms were never in jeopardy.  And after blasting them to Kingdom Come, they no longer have any.  So where does this "fighting for our freedoms" need come from?  Hey, how about ousting Obama.  Maybe our freedoms won't be so fouled up since our own government thinks it can do crazy junk like I don't know wire tap the AP and the German Chancellor.  Oh, and don't forget targeting conservative parties or denying religious freedom.  Yeah, we totally need to go kill a bunch of Iranians to get our freedom.  Sheesh.

But America is so prosperous.  We need to be the world police.  (Or my hubby tells me that people think this way.

Horse Hockey!  That's what the UN is for.  The US is really more of a war monger-er.  Let's go over here and "help" this poor country.  Instead we're modern day imperialists thinking that our way of doing things is best.  It's ethnocentric to believe that the US is needed to police the world.

But the UN is so slow.

So?  I argue that the US meddles too much.  If the US waited long enough two things would happen 1) the issue would resolve and 2) the UN would step in.

But in the meantime genocide.  Hello, Syria. 

Hello, civil war.  Nobody stepped in to solve our civil war.  We did that all on our own.  And so have several countries dealt with their own internal struggles.  It's over-stepping.

But let's get away from war discussions.  Happy St. Martin de Tours Day to you!  And it snowed (again) today.  But this time it stuck.  I took them during daylight so the snow is a bit heavier now.  Tomorrow it's supposed to continue snowing, but than Wednesday it'll probably melt.  Here's some photos.

Snow Covered Grass

Snow Covered Car

 Also we've been dealing with a lovely bout of illness.  So the boys were inside (again) today.  They were still bouncing off the walls.  (yeah)  Hopefully tomorrow I can convince them (cough Knee cough) to wear clothing so they can play in the snow behind our house (which is a baseball field).  We'll see.

And we baked bread today.  And HB got some camera time and took a selfie.  He loves taking pictures.  And he's not too bad at it considering how old he is.  He also likes to bake.  And no, I don't care that he's a boy.  I expect him to take an evening every week to cook for the family when he's older. 


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