Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter Wonderland and Skirts

Disclaimer:  This is NOT one of those discussions about pants versus skirts.  I wear skirts and not pants.  I've already discussed why I wear skirts so it bears no repeating.

So I imagine by Thursday our short stint into the winter wonderland will be over.  This morning I took a very excited couple of boys outside.  Okay, really only one.  HB declared that he wanted to make a "Snow Monster."  I think he meant snowman.  Problem was after a bit he realized just what snow meant: very cold. 

HB out in the snow.  Snow suit 25 CAD.  Snow boots 4 CAD.
His brother picked up this problem right away.  Anytime he'd touch the snow, it was "it's hot!".  Keep in mind he's not yet two and so his only word for extreme temperatures is "hot".  He meant it was cold.  So I pulled the cuffs of his 15 CAD snow suit over his hands.  It was a fight to get him into that thing and his snow boots (6 CAD).

Knee examining snow on the leaves.

HB eventually melted down into tears when my mittens were not enough (read: need waterproof mittens for boys.  Must go on mitten finding mission soon before real snow drifts start.)  I hustled him in now screaming followed by his screaming younger brother. 

Then I spent the whole day listening to Knee's multiple melt-downs (I have no idea why) and watching the snow fall in varying speeds.  It was lovely. 

Large snow flakes falling from sky.  I wanted to go dance in it.  But alas, I was stuck inside with the children.

When Hubby came home, I took myself outside and made 2 snow angels (per HB's suggestions), threw snow balls at the boys peeping through the window, pushed some snow off the car, and made a very very tiny snowman (because the snow wouldn't cooperate, too powdery). 

You must understand I did not grow up with snow.  It snowed maybe three times in Mississippi my entire life.  Then I moved to the dessert where I experienced snow five times when I went up into the
mountains.  So watching it actually snow, then melt, and then snow again over the course of two days reminded me of Christmas and childhood. 

London, ON school children playing in the snow during recess.  We live behind (sorta) a school.  I get to watch them play daily from my kitchen window.  It's fun.  They ended up building several large snow balls outside, I bet with waterproof mittens/gloves.

It also gave me the opportunity to try out some suggestions from the internet about dressing for the weather.  You see when I moved to Ontario a few months ago my friend R and I talked about dressing for the weather.  Mostly I talked about the need to get snow suits for the boys.  R told me that I would need to get some snow pants too if I wanted to go outside with them.

I despaired.  Pants!?  But I don't wear pants except pjs or when I'm stealing my husband's (it's weird we wear basically the same size).  How am I going to wear snow pants over a skirt?!  Never fear Google to the rescue.

I googled "snow skirts" mostly I got a bunch of people talking about how there was this fad in Alaska with snow skirts but it was so over-rated.  With comments about how you get wet anyway or how does one ski in a snow skirt. *sigh*  Eventually I figured out what you need to look for is "insulated skirts."  There's one popular company called Skhoop, but their stuff is made in China.  If you want the snow skirt route, RubyJupe makes theirs in the US and Toast makes theirs in Canada (although with some long underwear).

Needless to say my heart sank.  Snow skirts are a bit out of budget.  So what's a girl to do?

Well, use your regular skirts.  And put either long underwear, thick tights, or leggings underneath.  Than find yourself a marvelously long winter coat and boots that come over your shins.  That's what.

My budding photographer took this picture of me in my snow attire.

I would recommend not to use a full-length skirt, unless you don't mind the hem getting wet.  I wore a knee-length jean skirt and long underwear today.

Speaking of...you probably want to go with a heavy weave skirt too.  Either denim, corduroy, wool, or fleece. 

So my huge winter coat was...15 CAD.  I bought it at Talize, which is a local thrift store.  There was a 50 % off Manager's Special that day.  And as soon as I saw the coat hanging up on display, I knew it was mine.  I'm sure it looks dated, but I don't care.  It's what I needed and it has down in it.  So :P. 

The boots were a bit more (65 CAD), but I tend to splurge on shoes as they go on my feet and will be worn pretty exclusively all winter long.  That and it was a buy one, get one 50 % off when Hubby bought his coat (which was expensive, but necessary evil of field gear) so I got the shoes half off.

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  1. I just got back from a trip to Norway, including the far northern area of Norway. To put it mildly, it's cold, but it's totally doable in a skirt.

    (I wear skirts for the same reasons you do: I find pants uncomfortable, skirts are much better for my figure and fit it more easily, and I just like the look better. Nothing against those who like to wear jeans--I just hate the way they feel on me!)

    For long walks, of which we had a fair amount, I'd wear a slightly-below-knee-length skirt over a pair of heavyish leggings and warm socks. Boot too, of course, and a heavy coat with a windproof exterior. The coat comes to just past my hips. If I were chasing kiddos as you are, I might have gone with a longer coat, but this arrangement worked just fine for temperatures that dipped to the teens/twenties. I wasn't at all cold!


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