Sunday, December 22, 2013

Do You Still Boycott "Made in China"?

The short answer is yes.  I think last year I took off my page marked "reasons to boycott China" for Lent and I just never put the link back up.  I've put it back up and should probably add to it.

I also stopped running a whole lot of articles about the subject.  I think priest's wife was the only other person I knew who seemed genuinely interested in the topic. 

This doesn't mean, of course, that I've forgotten.  On the contrary this particular Christmas I haven't.  I took a fake tree one of neighbors put next to the garbage and painstakingly removed the lights on it (that I deemed to be potential fire starters) by myself.  All pre-lit Christmas trees you see are made in China.  And in forced labor camps around that country my fellow Christians are forced to wind those lights around these fake trees.  I wanted to cry.  It took me several days to un-wind the lights.  And it was painful.  I used my bare hands just like these workers would do.  In the end, it tightened my resolve to do better for their sake.

None of the Christmas lights are made anywhere other than China.  None.  Unless you find a set of old ones, which I did, but ended up cutting myself on because they were made from glass (in Canada) and were dangerous.  I ended up acquiring a few sets of new lights for free from posts on Kijiji and also from that tree my neighbor dumped.  They are made in China, but I didn't buy them.

My children aren't getting any toys from China that we bought.  None.  Since my children are old enough, we can avoid the board books mostly made in China and turn to paperbacks made in the US.  My children's gifts come courtesy from Kijiji and my neighbors who dumped a car track and a cosy coup (made in the US) in the garbage.  They work; just need a little spit shine.  The toy food came from Kijiji and their kitchen set says "Made in the USA" on the box.  I sleep better at night knowing that my children aren't gnawing on things that are filled with lead or hallucinogenic drugs because some Chinese foreman decided to cut corners in the production line to further line his pockets and steal from his workers. 

No, I most definitely still care.  I still care that the Chinese artificially have changed the free market exchange.  I still care that the Chinese own so many US bonds that the periodically threaten to suddenly dump them onto the US causing the US markets to crash (again).  And to make it much worse that the Chinese get away with what they do because of both foreign investments and the amount of Chinese-made crap the American people buy.  We are literally funding nukes aimed at ourselves.  Not to mention the technology to shut down any communications in the United States (and Europe) should war with the Chinese break out or we decide to help anyone going to war with the Chinese (like Taiwan).

In other words, I'd be nuts to spend any money on anything made in China. 

The question than becomes should I use my tiny family blog as a platform where I feature a post a week on the subject.  Or should I start another blog devoted to how I avoid the Made in China labels and why.  That I think is the question I pose to you.  Which would you prefer to sit here and listen to my mini-rants or would you actually follow me over?

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