Thursday, December 26, 2013

Good King Wincelas and the 2nd Day of Christmas!


Tricked out garland.  During Advent it was bare with the exception of the St. Nicholas's Day Stockings.

Mary and Joseph made it to Bethlehem.  And the Angels sung from on high.  HB asked where Momma Mary went (our other statue).  And he got upset when Knee played with the shepherd.  We're missing a sheep and a shepherd.  Angels can be so intimidating.

"Where is Bethlehem?" the wise men asked.  Herod pointed the way.

More garland.  As you notice is typical in houses with small children everything is up high.

Garlands hung from the ceiling in the basement/monkey room.  please ignore our spider web on the light.  I welcome spiders provided they eat bugs.

Christmas tree.  Yes, it's lopsided.  The top is bent.  My children must wear red boxes as they decided as soon as they awoke to sport diapers all day.  I had them in footy pajamas but they promptly removed them.

My husband has a family tradition where they hang a garland and put up ornaments representing the 12 days of Christmas.  Last year I did some sorta weird loop thing because I lack imagination.  Yesterday I mused about this blank space where the Advent calendar once hung.  And then it popped into my head to make a shape with the garland.  It's supposed to be a Christmas tree.  HB helped.  We even put up a star made of aluminum foil and our first ornament (and today 2nd one) are hanging from it now.

 White Christmas

White Christmas.  Me, HB, and Knee's very first.  
Yes, I just did recycle an old picture.  We did go out today and probably will got out again tonight to see our neighbor's window displays.  Some of them are really awesome.

On the 1st and 2nd Days of Christmas my family gave to me...

On the first day of Christmas my Aunt gave to me...books.
Yes, we're opening one box or envelope or thingy everyday of Christmas up to Epiphany.  I know the big thing is opening gifts all on the Feast of the Nativity or giving three gifts, but that is eh...  The first Christmas for HB I decided to do as the Jews do for Hanukkah and open gifts all throughout Christmas.  The next year Knee was born 9 days earlier and so I don't remember what we did.  I think threw boxes at HB or just opened them as they arrived.  Then last year we visited family so saying "let's wait" would have been insulting.  When in Rome, as they say.  This year to keep the horde from being bored (as being indoors most of the day will do to you) we're stretching it out again.

Also I should note HB has been plugging the lights in.  We've talked to him about being careful about it.  It's nice that he likes having the tree all lit up.

Oh, on the 2nd day of Christmas my Grammie gave to me...two shark-hooded towels and whole bunch of candy...and I also got some ornaments from great grandma.  And my dad got some stuff from her too.  And we got mail. (HB keeps asking me where Jesus on his cross ornaments went.)  I'll leave it to your imagination as one little child was naked (again...*sigh*).


It's tradition in my husband's family to have cookies for Christmas.  My mother-in-law will make them from scratch, freeze the dough in several batches, and then dethaw and cook them.  She makes a lot of different types of cookies so she does them way in advance.  Hence the freezing. I did something similar, but with fewer cookies.

Half eaten chocolate and mint cookies.

A spice cookie (it's my husband's grandmother's recipe which says it's a sugar cookie but it called for a lot of nutmeg).

Traditional American cookie- Chocolate chip
You may be asking yourself what traditions I grew up with.  Well, the typical ones.  Mass, Christmas tree, and presents from Santa.  We did have Christmas Eve dinner with my mother's family.  That was fun.  But we haven't got anything I could do here in Canada so I've incorporated some of Hubby's and some of my own.

Oh, and apparently it is my web mail that's the problem. I may have to issue a Happy New Year letter.  Blogger uploads photos just fine.  As you can see.

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