Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Knee!

Someone turned two today....

Knee put on my socks, insisted on putting on his snow boots, and then declared that we were going outside in the snow.  Despite everyone having colds and despite the fact that he and his brother are studying to be nudists.  I was surprised he was willing to put on a snow suit to go outside. This was earlier in the week.
Could it be this little boy!
Uh, just where are you going?

Yes, it could.

So what did you do on your birthday?
HB recognized my creation as being angry birds.  And to my surprise Knee knew to blow out the candles.  Although during the singing of happy birthday (please don't sue us.  Happy Birthday is copyrighted.)

Mini angry birds.
Oh, I see you had cake.

See. Nudists.  Even in freezing, snow-filled weather. That's a strategic shot of Knee.  Those are his toes, people!
And presents!  How lovely.

Side note:  I would have taken pictures of him eating cake or actually opening gifts, but as you can see, he was naked.  This is the best that I've got.

Side note:  HB ate a taco for dinner.  Now for ordinary people this is not worthy of note.  But HB comes from a long line of picky eaters.  So I thought he was mimicking Knee, who eats anything and insists it be made up like the adults.  You can't get away with giving Knee parts of a taco; he must have the thing put together.  But HB actually ate it.  Ate a taco with beef, cheese, sour cream, and lettuce.  You should note that his uncle, my brother, for years insisted on only eating hard-shelled tacos with meat and cheese only.  I consider this to be the best birthday ever.  But then Hubby brought me back to reality when he stated "you know the next time you make tacos, he'll probably not eat them."  Yes, he probably won't.  Small victories.  Small victories.

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  1. Happy birthday to your precious little guy! My little gal likes to get naked too. :0 You can't let her sneak away under the table, that's for sure. The cold in our drafty older house does nothing to dissuade her.


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