Friday, December 13, 2013

The Story Behind Headcoverings AKA Veiling at Mass

I actually started headcovering back in 2009.  It all started after I stopped working and stayed home before HB was born.  Around that time I started blogging and became fascinated with the plain community.  Did you know there are plain Catholics? Yep, there are.  And I thought to myself.  How wonderful!  They wear headcoverings.  I wish I could do that.  Why don't ordinary Catholics have something like that?

Well, obviously I was born after head covering was given up.  And my mother is a convert so she's never owned let alone worn a mantilla in her life.  My father is well...male and he's never mentioned whether or not his mother veiled.  Even to this day.  It's never come up.

It never even clicked as to why brides or first communicants wear veils either.  Call it preggo brain.

That is until I saw that women DO cover their heads in Mass.  And then gleefully I started experimenting/discerning the call to do so myself.

Pregnant me experimenting with a scarf I had on hand.
Headcoverings Back in the Day.  I've since revamped the stash.
Me in a home made snood at my second son's baptism (2012)
I must make a confession.  Even though I've been "veiling" since 2009 (four years now), I've never owned a real mantilla aka veil.  I've owned some faux ones.  Things that tie behind you're head, but no actual mantilla hence the calling it head covering rather than veiling.  Reason?  Well, I have littles.  My fear is the darn thing would be tugged on or I'd bend over and it would fall off my head!  So I've never felt up to spending 20 dollars just to find out if it would work out.  So far I stick to Jewish styles of scarves that I tie into tichels or make my own snoods from a pattern that Cam created.  Cam is another blogger who head covers at Mass.  I'm pretty sure she has a mantilla.

Home made snoods

Another lady at my 2nd son's baptism.  Identity unknown.  See.  Not the only one until recently.

I discovered that other people at my previous parish headcover.  But at my current parish in London, Ontario run by discalced Carmelites, I'm it.  I'm American in case you're wondering.  It's why the priest, whose not Canadian either and I assume is Indian, asked me if I was Amish.  Snoods don't help make me look really Catholic.  I'm currently discerning whether to take up the brown scapular so I'd appreciate your prayers on that account.  And if you are discerning the veil or head covering of some type, I'll be happy to offer up a few for you as well (just leave the request in the com box even if it's anonymous). 
Random pre-Mass picture
Mary, Queen of Heaven, pray for those discerning the veil.
I hope that Tiffany doesn't mind if I do an additional post about what veiling is and isn't sorta thing.  More of the mystical side of it rather than just my story.  If you have a story or what to talk about the subject.  Tiffany is hosting a link-up about veiling during Advent.


  1. I am very interested in the mystical point of view since I tend to look at it that way too.

    Just hopped over from Tiffany's.

    God bless.

  2. Me too, me too!!! I am interested in the mystical side!!!! I also posted this on my #VeilProject link up page!


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