Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Year in Pictures

January- HB Puddle Jumping
February-The insane birthday party for HB that I want to forget.  Complete with birds eating my child's cake!
March- Lent and Easter

April- My attempts at fashion Link ups

May- Hubby's birthday and a special trip to the Aquarium in Tempe (or last thing big thing before the move)
June-Getting ready for the move
July-My birthday, packing up, and moving to another country
August- Arrival in said country.  Knee helps clean.
September- Organizing House
October- Was a blur.  I have no picture for that month.

November-First snows

December-Knee's Birthday and Christmas

Happy New Year!  And hopefully a less stressful, more healthy, and joyous one!

Link up!

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