Thursday, January 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1) I recently joined a group on facebook called "Catholic Women Veiling Devotion."  It started me looking back into my discernment period of veiling.  It also brought me back to covering my head full-time, which is something I've done off and on. 

In the meantime, I'm still discerning the other devotion, Brown Scapular.  I started wearing necklaces to see how the boys would handle it.  I used to wear crosses/crucifixes regularly until HB started tugging on them so much that he broke a couple of chains.  So naturally I stopped and it's been the main reason why I've avoided Scapulars.  But both boys behave themselves and HB gets really put-out if I'm wearing a just a cross.  "Where did Jesus go, Momma?"  I've tried to explain that one, but it's tricky.  How exactly do you explain why both are fine to wear to a nearly four year old?

2) Speaking of which, I'm so excited about his birthday (which is on the 29th).  Raffi is supposed to be visiting the Children's Museum on Feb. 2nd so I'm debating about whether taking the boys to that would be fun.  But his birthday is Toy Story themed this year.  I've been a bit over indulgent with it compared to poor Knee who is my Advent baby.  But then again Knee just turned two so birthdays are yet to be a big deal.  Maybe I'll ask my mom to send an old baby doll or mine up for him since he likes to pretend to be a dad.

3) And while we're on the subject, HB has decided to construct his own lego robot and named it Richard.  I'd show you a real picture of it, but he's taken it to bed with him.

My crude rendering of Richard.

4) My blog still picks up traffic on my post about Why MMSL Sucks.  It's sad really how people are starved for real meaningful sex.  In fact today yet another anonymous poster made some comment about how my husband probably notices the "hotties."  And I'm sure he does since he works at a University.  I'm not a Puritan.  Noticing someone is not a sin.  It's what you think about them.  If you see an attractive women and think "gee, I wonder if my wife would like that dress."  or "I wonder if my wife would wear her hair that way for me."  I'd say rock on!  But if you notice an attractive woman (or man) and think "I'd do her (or him)"  there is so much wrong there I don't even know where to begin.  Yet this is how society is training people.  And then they wonder why the spark of sex is gone.  It's because you view people as things, objects to use for your own pleasure.  Sex is always about giving.  It is not about getting.  That's why people complain about sex-less marriage or coldness.  It's because people no longer care about the giving part.  Not to say there aren't medical problems associated with sex-lessness too, I am, afterall talking generalities here.  But if you find yourself sex starved.  Please go read Theology of the Body.  Because that is way hotter than anything Mr. Kay says.  And yes, a Pope talks about orgasms.  Catholics are not prudish.

5) Speaking of marriage...I have it in my head to write a book about marriage.  A science fiction novel where it's the theme but you don't know it yet.  Course this also follows up my need to post about Mormonism in the Ender series, Abortion and Socialized Medicine, and "Because of the angels": A Discourse on headcoverings.  And another great post on Indulgences and one about Canadian-isms.  I think I need to resurrect my poll about what to write about because I never know what people want me to discuss.

6) I love the blog Contemplative Homeschool.  I really am drawn to Carmel.  Anyways...Connie wrote a beautiful post about her spiritual focus for the year, and it's been tearing my guts out.  I can't seem to come up with anything that rings true to focus on.  So I've grumbled about this horrible spiritual dryness and decided I'm simply going to focus on prayer.  Sounds oh so simple right?  But it's so terribly hard for me these days.  St. Francis de Sales has me pegged.  I'm totally a big reader and not much of big prayer.  So that's where I should work from, yes?

7) you can see my blog patron for this year is St. Elizabeth of Hungary.  Last year it was St. John the Apostle, known for his prolific writing.  This year it seems my blog is taking on more mom-ish qualities.  St. Elizabeth was a monarch.  She married young and had three children.  Her husband died while she was pregnant with the third.  After his death she gave her children over to be raised by others (common in those days) and threw herself into working with the poor.  She is said to have been an Third Order Franciscan.  (Perhaps it's God calling me to join Carmel as a Lay Carmelite.  Oh, heaven help me!)  She died at age 24.  She is know for her roses, baskets of food, and the crown.  She is the patron of widows, the homeless, hospitals, nurses, bakers, dying children (not sure why), the Third Order of Franciscans, etc. 

St. Elizabeth of Hungary, pray for us!

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  1. That is such a beautiful rendering of St Elizabeth! God bless your endeavors!


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