Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Books I've Read in 2013

1) Ender's Game- The movie came out.  I haven't seen it and doubt I will.  My husband and I rarely go on dates, but since we know of very few people here in London our dates have been zero the past few months.  My husband has the series so I read the books.  Books are always better than films.

2) Speaker for the Dead- part of Ender series.  I plan on talking a little bit about the series at some point.  Just like I plan on talking about socialized medicine and it's affects on abortion.  Just like I plan on a series similar to the Harry Potter one about the wordage differences between Canadian and American English.  I always plan, but lack time to write.

3) Xenocide- part of Ender series

4) Children of the Mind- part of Ender series

5) Coming China Wars- awesome book if you are interested in understanding the whole US and China climate (and really international climate as well as China has permanent UN veto power and uses it to its own advantages)

6) Celebrating Advent and Christmas with Children- free ebook on my Kindle.  It has a lot of recipes for food during the seasons.

7) Coconut Oil Book Package which has the books The Coconut Oil Guide and the Coconut Oil Handbook-  Those are ebooks too about coconut oil and it's many uses.

8) The Bronze Ladder- It's a book about Sts. Perpetua and Felicity.  It's loosely based on history but is obviously an author's rendition of their story.

9) The Bad Girls of the Bible- I believe the author is Protestant but it's still a fun read.

10) A Story of a Soul- I've attempted to read this spiritually dense book before and this time finally was able to finish it.

11) Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints that Will Change Your Life- Connie Rossini keeps a blog about teaching contemplation to children.  She wrote this book.  It's a quick little read; sort of meant as a devotion for five days to help your spirituality.  I downloaded it on my kindle for free.

12) Kids Cooking and Learning Through Food Activities- A book about cooking with kids.  It helped spawn ideas.  HB loves to help bake.  I'd let him cook, but he's likely set the house afire.  So he just watches that.

13) Discipline without Shouting or Spanking- I really don't remember anything spectacular about this books.  Just your usual ideas.

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