Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Fully Fund Abortion

The title of this post is probably very alarming to you.  It is to me too.  So let me explain the gravity of it.

I am an American living in Canada.  Canada has some of the most horrific and liberal laws regarding abortion of any country.  In America the Hyde Amendment protects tax payers from indirectly funding abortion.  Medicare cannot be used to procure an abortion.  That makes pro-life American's better off than pro-life Canadians/Canadian residents.  In Canada we have socialized medicine, which is regulated by the individual provinces.  The only stipulation is that each province or territory provide basic medical care.  While some provinces restrict funding or do not have any funding provided to abortion hospitals and clinics, my province, Ontario, fully funds abortions with my tax dollars.  This means that both clinics and hospitals receive money through OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) to pay for women's abortions.

I feel sick just typing that.

There have been efforts in Ontario to outlaw the funding, but they've all failed to pass.  It may have something to do with the fact that the overwhelming number of Canadians believe that abortion is a right and something that only the woman and her doctor determine.  As it stands in the polls less than 40 percent of Canadians are against abortion.  There are more pro-life Americans than pro-life Canadians.

To make matters worse, there are laws that provide "bubbles" around abortion clinics and hospitals.  What does this mean?  It means if you are a protester, peacefully protesting outside of say Victoria Hospital, London, you are restricted to where you can stand to protest.  It's not as simple as standing on a public side-walk.  You can't stand within so many feet of the hospital.  It's why you don't really see the protesters during the 40 Days for Life praying the rosary.  If they broke the barrier, as many have done handing out white roses to potential moms, you will be arrested.


There is a small sliver of hope.  If you call it that.  Canadians have restricted access to medical abortions and many doctor's refuse to provide third trimester abortions unless there is a compelling reason (to them) to do so.  If you are Canadian and desire a third trimester abortion, you have to cross the boarder and get one in the US.

Other than that there are very few restrictions to abortions or on abortion funding.  So the title still stands.  I fully fund Abortion even though it's indirectly and something that I object to.

Today in Canada it is a Day of Prayer for Unborn Children.  Our Lady of Sorrows please pray for those who have been aborted, pray for those who have sought an abortion, and pray that abortion will be made illegal in Canada once again.


  1. From what I understand, the Canadian Parliament won't even DISCUSS limiting earlier abortions. :( Good to hear about the limited access to 3rd-tri abortions; I hadn't heard that.

    1. Pretty much. The major political parties have prolife arms but people get very nervous if a vocal prolifer has any political power. The other parties have pro choice platforms. The current prime minister is pro choice and pro gay marriage. He's of the "conservative" party.

      There are no legislated limitations. Its merely certain physicians or clinics or hospitals who refuse. As far as I know OHIP makes no limitations. Its as the ad says all 9 months for any reason. Makes me want to vomit. But at the same time rally behind prolife Canadians and the Church. I cant vote but I can pray.

  2. Do you read this blog?


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