Tuesday, March 4, 2014

And now we fast...

I think I posted a week ago.  So this week has gone by so quickly.  I made beignets.  Hubby's response was "eh".  I did warn him that they are basically a square doughnut.  I also made gumbo and a "fake" king cake.  Being lazy this year I took a basic cake mix and cooked it in a bundt pan.  Then I decorated it.  Hubby's reponse "what did you do different this year?"  and "I like this idea better."  Catholic icing also suggests unrolling cinnamon rolls and braiding then pinching them together to form a king cake.  I may try that one next year since it more closely resembles a real king cake.

Gumbo, gumbo in the pot.  We need a princess.  What ya got!

I went a little over board this year and stuck candy in it too.  The boys helped.
Yesterday I took the boys to a mini-school orientation.  It was fun...except for when HB bit me and then having to strap him into the stroller and chase Knee down the hall way because neither wanted to leave.  I hate winter.

Today we went to Pancake Dinner at church.  Where they ran around and again there was strapping down of child in stroller.  Hubby was coming home from Toronto on the train at the time so I was solo.  The stroller acts as my extra set of hands.  Without it I would have bald patches of scalp showing.

We also made caterpillars which have built themselves lovely cocoons and are waiting to be reborn into butterflies for Easter.  Yes, it's a metaphor for the Resurrection.  I'm not sure that the boys will understand that at this point, but they love caterpillars and butterflies so it works.

Those are the caterpillars hanging from our ceiling. 
Please ignore the hideous sheep/Lenten calendar I made this year.  This is what fatigue does to you.  I have to make corrections to it.  It was a cute idea.  Make a calendar inside a sheep with the heading "Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world..."  Then glue on cotton balls for each day.  But apparently I need a model (picture of sheep) and sleep to make anything that is even remotely pin interest worthy.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday.  The school is having a Mass at our parish so I think I'll take the boys to that one instead of the super early or super late (for them anyway) ones.  That should be fun.  Stroller, you are my ally.  When will this awful winter end?!?!

We are also making a crown of thorns.  Flour will be everywhere.  Which will go well with the oobleck we played with today.

And just a reminder.  I will be offline tomorrow (and every Wednesday of Lent).  So if you do have an emergency, please call me first.  Then call Hubby who will also try and call me...who will then get on the bus and try to track me down because either a) I won't have heard the phone ring or b) my battery will be dead....again.  E-mail is so much easier, but I will try to remember to keep my phone around.

Now off to deal with the library and to finish the novena.

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