Friday, March 21, 2014

Canadian Animosity of Americans

I get that Americans view other nationals through an ethnocentric lens.  I feel awful about it and completely condemn it.  I'm aware of it because before I met Hubby I dated a Colombian (not to be confused with a Columbian which is a college student or a brand name wearer).  He told me the thing he hated most was when he would tell people where he was from (he was often mistaken for being Indian as in from India) they would immediately ask about cocaine.  As if every Colombian was a drug dealer.  Most Colombians are not drug dealers.  And they hate everything that cocaine stands for because most of the paramilitaries reek havok on their country by dealing drugs and by kidnapping people and holding them for ransom.  Trust me it's a huge insult to Colombians to bring up the drugs and make them out to be thugs.  If you want to talk to Colombians about something talk to them about food or ask them what part they are from.  They'll respect you more.

I was saddened and stunned to see Canadians dishing it out on Americans.  Let me show you some of what I've seen...

1) London Free Press Comments- DREZ says "On the other hand. I wouldn't step a single foot on US soil since they have allowed their human rights to be stripped from them since 9/11. So many people use Detroit airport since it's cheaper than Toronto but do they realize if they are even suspected of terrorism they can detain you indefinitely without a lawyer."

Umm...Okay first of all it's a total mischaracterization to say that Americans have "allowed their human rights to be stripped."  Let me see...the guy who wrote the 4th Amendment on his chest...the numerous protests which led to the reversal of children being pat down at the I need to continue?  And...and the law in question has been legally challenged.  Doesn't exactly look like we're "allowing" it to happen now does it?  I also want to point out that Obama signed it into action.  So I ask why so many Canadians are so supportive of him?

Do you know what building that is?  You don't.  Well you must be an idiot.  They should have taught you in school what that was.  What do you mean they didn't?  Well, that doesn't matter.  You should just know and educate yourself.

That was the basic conversation launched at a fellow American on facebook who simply asked what this (see below) building was.

The building with the tall steeple is the Parliament building in Ottawa. 

Don't feel bad if you don't know what the first building was.  I would not call you an idiot if you are Canadian or American or whatever and didn't know.  Because how on earth is one expected to know what all the national government buildings of every nation look like?  And really does it even matter?  But since you probably want to know, the first picture is of the government building where the National Assembly of South Korea meets.  South Korea is another ally to the United States.

3) Kijiji Ad- I'd link it, but it's been taken down.  I did start up a rather long conversation with a nut through e-mail because he posted an ad titled "USA ATTACKS CANADIAN BANKS AND CANADIANS."  Do I really need to say more?  He was throwing a fit over FATCA, which let's face it is a crummy law.  I want to put forth that it was pushed by Democrats and Obama.  And Canada has allowed it to be implemented.  So why isn't he going after his MPs or Prime Minister?  Why all the inflammatory language in all caps?  Not to mention he uses the ever popular phrase "human rights abuses" in the post.  Please.  Bubble laws over protesting abortion clinics?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Oh, wait.  Only Americans stomp all over rights.  Yeah...and we roll over and play dead.

Sorry.  He was a total nut.  But I shouldn't still be so snarky.  And maybe I should refrain from name calling...

But this one...well it's either shows a totally lack of brain or this person is seriously scary...

4) Irene Mathyssen, MP London-Fanshawe Monthy Newsletter- This little dousy came in my mail.  I'd show you a PDF file but blogger won't let me. 

So this screen shot will have to do.  Sorry.

Basically the idea is that Kellogg's plant closed recently in London.  Then it says "Conservatives have no long-term plan to ensure good paying Canadian jobs stay here and aren't, as we have seen so many times, shipped overseas or to the United States."

Okay, so I get that Canadians want to keep jobs.  Really.  It's great.  Canadian ingenuity at it's finest.  Kellogg's is such a great Canadian cereal company.  It's sad that it's sending jobs to the US.  Wait...what?  Isn't Kellogg's an American company?  I thought it was based in Michigan.  Maybe Ol' Matheyssen had a poor editor or maybe she isn't aware that Kelloggs is an American company.  Or maybe she hates Americans.  I can't tell.  I will say this for her.  If I was to vote, I would not be strongly for her.  Especially since she's not exactly promoting Canadian entrepreneurship but rather expects that an American company bring jobs to Canada.  Just saying.


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