Sunday, March 16, 2014

Rough Morning

Could I ask a favor of you, O'Blogging World?  Could you offer up some prayers?

My grandfather-in-law died this morning.  It was a bit sudden but since he was 92 not totally unexpected.

My husband is flying out to Houston for conference.  He has no idea.  I've attempted to contact him so his mother.  But we just have to wait. 

There are no funeral plans as of yet since it happened at about 4:30 CST and wasn't expected.

HB doesn't quite understand what happened.  He asked why I was upset and then he asked why his great-grandpa died.  So I explained about the caterpillar to butterfly thing.  We have to die to change into butterflies in heaven.  Naturally Mass was difficult.  Knee being Knee and not understanding anything.  HB being the sensative soul.

I wanted to light a candle on my g-i-l's behalf but with the boy it didn't happen...would someone be so kind?  I owe you one.

My aunt's health is also in decline.  She has dementia and doesn't really remember people.  So if you could offer a prayer for her too I'd appreciate it.


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