Friday, April 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes

1) If you're reading this it's because I'm on the road, I don't think I'll be able to link up.

2) So today (Thursday) I took the kids to the park and had a potty training success.  HB notified me that he had to poo.  Actually he said he had already gone which led to a little confusion, but we made it home quick enough for him to go.  Now what it's going to be like on the road, I don't know.  I need to remember his potty ring or he will not be happy.

3) Please explain what this means exactly.  About Eich's resignation "Seriously, we assumed that he would reconsider his thoughts on the impact of the law (not his personal beliefs), issue an apology, and then he’d go on to be a great CEO."

What?  You want him to apologize over something he believes is not discriminatory because you disagree with him?  That's like asking me to apologize to Obama-supporters when I say I don't like Obama.  Well, at least his policies.  Um, not gonna happen.  Why apologize for my beliefs?  Why think Eich should apologize for his?  And how does something they say is personal come into play with running a business?  They made it public.  They made it about running a software company. 

So maybe they should be apologizing to him instead since it's really none of their business what his personal beliefs are let alone wanting him to apologize for having them.  What is this the Gestapo?

4) What do you think about the Duggards strict dating rules?  They call it courtship but it's dating.  Their two daughters are legal adults, but not allowed to hold hands, kiss, be alone, talk on the phone w/o monitoring more than an hour, or text without monitoring.  Legally they can own their own phone but their parents won't let them text without their parents watching every text.

Personally I think it's crazy.  I think you should raise your children with moral fiber and than let them be adults.  You can't really bubble wrap adults.  At some point they will encounter people who don't have the same moral standards either in the work force or through evangelization.  If you have no idea why people's beliefs differ or more importantly why you hold yours, than how do you deal with such encounters if you've never had to?  Or do they expect their daughters to never learn how to support themselves if their husband beats them or dies and instead spend their days at home raising babies?  I'm all for women to have choices, but here's the's called choices.  It's just as bad for people to criticize me for being SAHM but I chose to and I know how to take care of myself.  Can we say the same about their daughters?  I'm not sure they would know how to deal with the world at large.  And I'm not referring to the need for college.  I just mean dealing with people who don't share their quiverfull beliefs.

5) Remember this article.   Well I want to point out that in the US picture, they open the pizza boxes and bury the health food.  It makes Americans look like they eat junk.  Compare to the Canadian photo we're the processed food is toward the back and the healthy stuff is for front.  In the first photo, Canadian's have two frozen pizzas and if you look on the counter there are three boxes of mac n' cheese because Canadians love mac n'cheese.  I don't get it, but they do.  What's not included is the several cups of Tim Horton's coffee and the associated donuts.  You're also missing the poutin, which is french fries smoothered in gravy and cheese.  It's a Canadian dish.  It's making it out to look like the Canadian diet is super healthy and the US diet not.  The real truth is that most Americans and Canadians have similar diets and similar waist lines.  Both have elements of the healthy and unhealthy.  It varies from family to family and each area you live in.

6) A recent local article, said that Target isn't doing so well in Canada.  One of the main reasons is that 90% of Canadians live within an hour driving distance of the US.  It's quite common that Canadians cross the boarder to shop in the US.  Some of the more Target-Canada complaints are the higher prices and lack of selection.  The lack of selection I haven't seen.  Target in London (of which there is one) seems to have as much as back at home.  The prices, though are unavoidable.  It costs Target more to pay for their workers and maintain the building.  That's because everything in Canada costs more.  So I'd be surprised if Target-US wasn't cheaper.

7)  Our local food bank is looking to shut down in 3 years.  They say they want to provide different food programs like food coupons, soup kitchens etc.  As an American, I am totally puzzled.  Why not not both/and not either/or?  Maybe I just don't understand how programs work.  But yeah, there's no soup kitchen.  And I doubt that any of the local churches offer gift certificates for food to the poor.  It's really quite sad.

and bonus!

Stephen Colbert is set to take over Late Night from David Letterman.  I'm so excited!  If only I could get some more American programs over my rabbit ears.

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