Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Week in Pics

Palm Sunday

From Top to Bottom:  HB, random relative, Knee.  Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunt.  Held in doors at a family member's house due to being a bit soggy outside.

Random Uncle Shooting Rolls.  

Long story about the above picture.  Seems that a month ago there was huge amount of food after Hubby's Grandfather's funeral.  The froze it and saved it for Palm Sunday (which is when one side celebrates Easter although both came together because we are the only family that doesn't live in MO).  They still had so many rolls that they decided target practice would be a good use.  Now you understand why Hubby and I get on so well.  We both come from red neck families.  :)

Holy Thursday

Lord's Table-from Catholic Icing

Good Friday

Jesus on the Cross (Okay each kid created one so there are two Jesuses? Jesi?) Again from Catholic Icing

Holy Saturday

Yes, that's supposedly a lamb made as a rice crispie treat with jelly bean eyes.  Keep in mind I was having to do some eye balling calculations since marshmallows come in 300g packages and the US recipe calls for 10 oz.  Even after the conversions I wasn't completely sure.  So it was rather sticky.  That or it could be that Canadian food is a little different than US food.  There's less caffeine in a Mountain Dew and the ketchup is a little different too.  That's my reasoning for not being super creative and I'm stubbornly sticking to it.  It still tastes just fine.

Pre- Easter Morning

Knee's basket- Books (bought used) The Lord's Prayer illustrated by Anne Wilson, Baby Angels by Jane Cowen-Fletcher, The Story of Jesus coloring book illustrated by Virgina Lucia Buik, Videos- Joseph: King of Dreams by Dreamworks, Veggie Tales: Duke and the Great Pie War by Big Idea, Chocolate Jesus Fish, Chocolate cross, and Pocket Saints for Boys by Magnetic Catholic that you buy at Spoonflower.  Knee has Pope John Paul II (canonized?), Sts. Maximilian Kolbe, and Michael the Archangel

HB's basket- Books also used The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe illustrated by Tudor Humphries, The Story of the First Easter retold by Bill Yenne, The Easter Story from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John illustrated by Cathy Ann Johnson, Movies- The Prince of Egypt by Dreamworks, Brother Francis presents the Rosary by Herald kids, Chocolate Jesus fish, Chocolate cross, and more Pocket Saints.  HB has Sts. Francis, Patrick, and George.  There's also a GK but I wanted a fair split.
I'm so excited about Easter.  More pics to come!

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