Friday, April 4, 2014

I should be in bed but I love these darn things...

1) Where do you live? And why do you live there?

I live in Ontario.  I'm an American.  I was born in Mississippi and lived there into adulthood, but lived about 10 years in Arizona.  I live in Ontario because this is where my husband could find a job.  It's closer than the UK.

2. What are you currently watching and/or reading?
I was watching the German movie, Vision, about St. Hildegard von Bingen.  I'm a speed reader.  I read faster than my husband who has a Phd.  I think I read about three books a week, but that's only because I try and pace myself.  If it's a dense book like LOTRs or something by a Saint or the Bible, it takes longer.  Currently I'm reading the series Chronicles of Kings by Lynn Austin.  I'm on book 4.  But I'll probably be done on Monday even though I picked it up today.  It's a fictional telling of stories from 2 Chron and 2 Kings. 

3. What kind of Catholic are you: cradle, or convert? (Or considering?)
cradle to grave, baby, yeah!

4. Can you point to one moment or experience that made you a practicing Catholic? (Or want to be?)
No.  It would take a book to detail my entire journey.  There are key moments when my faith surged forward.  This Lent in particular has been a big step into prayer.

5. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Too many.  Alas.  I feel bad about it.  However, I don't own a purse in the true sense.  I might have one stashed somewhere from ages ago, but if I do, I obviously don't use it.

6. Are you a good dancer?
No.  I'm not coordinated.  Yes, I'm a musician who is uncoordinated and had trouble marching in formations.  I can't do those fancy dance/exercise things well either despite them being fun.  Hubby is the dancer.  He does the St. Louis shag.

7. Who usually drives, you or your husband?
We have one car so it depends on who has it and why.  But if we're together, it's usually Hubby.

8. What's your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?
Gosh.  I don't think I have one because I like how unique they all are to celebrate.

9. Which is correct? Left or right? (reference to tp)
I actually heard over or under with regards to tp.  And I prefer over but as my children snag the tp loader things and destroy them I'm just happy to have tp in close proximity to the toilet and that it's on a roller at all.

10. Do you have any scars?
Of course.  Nothing huge.  My most recent was from an oven burn on my wrist.  Ovens and I don't get on so well.

11. What's the most famous thing you've ever done? 
Famous?  I actually prefer my anonymity.  God has a calling for me in my vocation as mother, but he hasn't chosen to disclose it just yet.  I hardly think it will lead to fame.  God likes me to do small things.  I'm a in-the- trench sorta servant. 

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