Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's Official: 2 years later

2 years or so ago I embarked on what turned out to be an epic journey of.....potty training.  *cue eye rolling*

Now hold on there.  HB is not the first kid I've potty trained.  Although he is my first kid to potty train, he is not the first.  I can't tell you how many I've worked with and that's because for over a year I worked with two/three year olds.  It becomes a rather large number.  And they weren't that difficult because peer pressure and the "me too" and "everybody goes potty here" attitude goes a long way. 

But that didn't work for HB.  Outside of school for four hours a week for about a year, he did not encounter any peers potty training.  To make it worse, his brother is not potty trained.  So why does he need to use the pot if Knee doesn't have to (yet)?

And my child is a stubborn mule just like his dad.

Then we got a sorta thing with the potty going until...we moved, which up ends everything.

So in October I despaired to a counselor about among other things the potty training and caved.  I started giving him candy for peeing in the pot. 

Miraculously it worked.  We had accidents; still do; he's four.  But no pooing.  Nope.  We've even gone places with boy distractions (toys and whatnot) and he's come to find me so I could help get to a toilet to pee.  Joy!

But....He would come to me with soiled underwear after hiding out somewhere besides the bathroom and demand I change him.  I would let him give it a go and then finish up the job, which got to be frustrating because....

he hates wipes.  If I had to clean him up, it would result in kicking and wiggling.

Now you might say "Well just put him on the pot at his usual time" Except he's inherited my genes and there is no real usual time.  It's usually once a day but not always and certainly at no fixed point in time.  The last three poos for example were two afternoon but then tonight he had one before bed.  This may be owing to him having the flu and not feeling up to eating.  Don't worry his fever broke and he's sliding back into his usual conspiring boyish good humor.  

I finally lay down the law.  Clean yourself up with wipes or I'm hosing you off in the shower.

HB hates the shower.  He especially hates cold water.  Yes, I'm a cruel mother.

After two occurrences of cold shower usage (hey, he could have chosen the wipe route), he conceded that life would be much easier if he used the toilet.  Especially since the last time he did not use the toilet resulted in the toilet overflowing.  Kids and tp.

So after he used the toilet, he was much surprised to notice that I gave him two jelly beans afterwards.  And since this weekend and almost an entire week, he has pooed in the toilet.  I think it's official.

He's completed potty training. 

And in case you are wondering, he rarely wets himself at night because he is four.  That I've never had to deal with.  Knee may be more difficult in that regard, but I think I'll wait til he's closer to three.  Seriously Knee floods regular diapers at night.  I've had to buy those expensive night ones.

Now I'm worried about our 12 hours of driving over Palm Sunday.  I'm hoping he will pee on command (sometimes he does) or at least the side of the road.  I'm probably make him wear a trainer (that's underwear not shoes) just in case.

public domain foto.  I think you've seen enough of my kids in their undies.

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