Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our God is not dead! He's Alive! He's Alive!

Matt Maher used to go to my former church.  He occasionally still shows up.  They used to play this song at Easter.  Ironically enough, Maher is Canadian.  So he left Newfie to go to school at ASU and attended my church before moving to Nashville for his big break.  I left my church to move to Canada (okay Ontario not Newfoundland but hey, still ironic, doncha think?  Yes, I'm channeling another Canadian.).  It would be even more ironic if Hubby gets a job in Tennessee which does indeed have a Planetary Science program.

I wonder if he gives concerts in London or even Toronto...hum...


1) 1. What did you and your family wear to Mass on Easter Sunday?

I wore light blue sweater tights, white skirt, light blue shirt underneath a white cardie, with my white (which black music notes) snood.  My youngest child wore khakis with a red sweater vest (with trains on it) over a red shirt.  My oldest wore a plain long sleeve black polo with khakis.  My husband wore khakis with a button down shirt.  It's got some sort of pattern of light blue and khaki on a white background.

2) Easter Bunny: Thumbs up or down?  

Down.  It's not that I've got a thing against rabbits, but I try to steer away from a lot of the secular things that detract from Christ.  It's already a pain to try and live in the world with it destroying the beauty of life.  I don't need fluffy bunnies to keep stealing the spotlight of the Paschal Lamb.

3) Do you prefer to celebrate holidays at home or at someone else's house?

It depends.  We rarely see family members so by default it's usually on a holiday.  But there are times when I enjoy the peace of staying home and celebrating alone.  I would, however, go mad if I had to entertain all the various relatives.

4)  What's your favorite candy?

Not sure actually.  I'm not a big candy person.  I like sweets.  I like chocolate.  But I'd say I prefer desserts over candy.  Give me cake.  Give me ice cream.  Give me cookies or brownies.  Keep the weird tasting jelly beans and pure sugar that is a pixie stick or sweet tart.

5) Do you like video games?

No.  I like to watch them.  My husband plays games.  Video games, board games, role playing games.  I'm not a gamer at all.  I really don't get the interest in such hobbies.  If I had my wish it would be to curl up with a good book or sing my heart out.  

6) Do you speak another language?

Um.  Not really.  I can translate French.  I had to back in the day when I was working on a Master's in musicology.  It helps that here everything is in French, although it's everyday language stuff and I knew more music-related terms.  Four means "oven" in French.  Raisins means grapes.  Etc.  I also took a class in German. Spanish I picked up in Arizona.  And I know a smidge of Italian because I'm a musician and most music terms are in Italian.  Crescendo, ritardando, diminuendo, allegro, fortissimo, etc.  

Basically if you are musical at all, you know a little bit of the Romance and Germanic languages because as a Western music musician it's par for the course.

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