Monday, May 19, 2014

Masonry and Victoria Day

Happy Victoria Day!  Which is weird for an American to say since we've never been particularly fond of monarchy since oh, about 1776.  But I live in Canada and so Canada is considered pseudo-British.  A lot of American colonists/loyalists actually traveled to Canada once it was clear we were winning the American-Revolution.  Now I think the holiday is less about celebrating the Canadian-British connection and more about having an excuse to shoot off fireworks (for four nights in a row now).

At any rate, we took the boys to the Pioneer Village, which is super close to our house.  If you've ever been to pioneer villages you'll note that they have a bunch of old buildings set up like mini-museums and throughout the year (or season in this case) they will periodically have activities such as an old game of baceball (yes, baceball not baseball).  Today Queen Victoria paid a visit.

My children enjoyed it immensely.  They especially loved one of the ducks laying an egg.  My oldest had a fit about leaving one of the farm houses.  Of course, he didn't like being stung twice on the finger.

One of the buildings that I avoided like the plague was a Mason Lodge.  Catholics, the Orthodox, and several different Protestant groups are actually barred from joining the quasi-religious Freemasons.  I walked right past it, even with the gentlemen dressed up in regalia inviting us in.  My husband went in under pain of warning "well, it's your soul, not mine."  Later he said "you are just anti-other-religions."  This was right after him telling me that Masonry is not a separate religion but rather an organization.  

Yes and No.

In fact this is a point of contention among many conservative Catholics.  The Church teaches about freedom of religion because in Her wisdom one must freely choose Catholicism.  It cannot be forced upon someone.  Some separatist groups believe that allowing other religions the right to co-exist is wrong.  I go with the Church on this one.

I also believe that one should freely choose Catholicism because to knowingly choose otherwise is to risk ones salvation.  I would never encourage anyone to be Anglican or Mason or anything else but Catholic.  It sounds silly to even think so.  So in that vein, yes, I'm anti-other-religion.  I'm quite flabbergasted that my husband would think that I wouldn't be.  He watched me sign a piece of paper agreeing to raise our children Catholic and he agreed not to interfere with that process.  What exactly did he expect?

So yes I believe in people's right to choose.  I also believe in my right not to choose anything but Catholicism. I don't need to have an open mind about it.  I can choose to defer to someone else of a higher authority, in this case the Catholic Church.  And I don't need to explain myself about this.  Although I understand as a rebelling-against-authority-American, it sounds quite odd.  Than again anyone under laws of the State can choose to follow said law (or not) and no one bats an eyelash about being a good citizen.  They actually give people awards for that sort of thing.  Why is it only weird if one follows the authority of their religion that people encourage rebelling, particularly against the Catholic Church?  The devil weaving tales of rebellion perhaps?  Just something to think about. 

Happy Victoria Day.

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