Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Stewardship of Money and other random thoughts

My money isn't really "mine."  You're money isn't really "yours."  We are stewards of it.  Money is meant for our needs to be met and than given to help others whose money is not covering their needs.  We are lucky and privileged to be stewards of those decisions.  We are not meant to be hoarders or misers.  Nor are we to spend "our" money frivolously.  That's why this old article still disgusts me a year later.  Why does a person need two large houses?  

My parish priest was talking about the Black Mass during his homily.  He said something very profound.  To loosely quote him, he said that things of a diabolic nature do not allow free will.  Things of a divine nature offer free will.  Think about it.  If you are (like me) tempted often, you know that the diabolic doesn't want you to choose.  Evil would rather suck you in.  Doing evil (or rather not doing good) is so much easier because it is hard to resist.  On the other hand choosing Christ is a free choice because God set it up that way.  Does that make sense?

Also I'm starting to get annoyed with "modesty" groups.  Why do they focus on dress and not focus on modesty of the mind?  Why do they focus on specific guidelines like they are rules?  Seriously modesty is meant to go hand in hand with charity.  For dress than is meant to combat lust and  It looks different for each culture.  ("I like big butts."  Anyone?  Anyone?)  And modesty of the mind combats anger and pride and  If one finds themselves hyper-focused on dress than balance it out with a healthy dose of charity.  And for the love of us all, stop focusing on women.  Men are just as guilty.  

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