Friday, June 27, 2014

Children: The Newest "Thing"

On twitter I had a rather civil discussion with someone about gay marriage.  It was rather fruitful, I think.  They pointed out that if I was really pro-child I would also be against IVF, surrogacy, and adoption.  I said, well, I am against IVF, surrogacy, and false adoption.

In fact, I've removed some "likes" from mom pages when they start talking about surrogacy.  Even if it's surrogacy for their own sister, I'm opposed to it. 

I also got hammered on Facebook when the Today Moms page posted an article discussing one of the Today Show Moms going through IVF.  Apparently I'm denying people the chance at motherhood and I'm ignorant about IVF (embryos on ice is okay I guess /sarcasm).

I also don't like what foreign adoption has done to some countries.  Children are being taken from their impoverished families and told they will go to the US to study.  But they are never told that their child will never come back.  Adoption is perfectly fine except for all the crazy red tape on the domestic side.  Adoption is a good thing, but has many problems of which I think all people would agree needs to be spoken out against.

I'm not surprised how emotional people get when it comes to the subject of motherhood.  People fall into two camps:  never having children or want desperately children.  It's a sore spot to say that things like IVF and surrogacy have moral problems.  I get the emotional parts of it.

But we can't be emotional.  We need to be objective.  Children are not things.  They have dignity and worth as humans.  They aren't commodities to be bought and made on demand.  They are miracles and gifts.  You don't always get a gift or your miracle.  To me the most disturbing part of this trend is the view that children are secondary to parenthood.  Children are not slaves.  They are not bling.  And putting them on ice to discard them later when you are "done" is murder.  Putting them in someone else's body in a third world country is exploitation.   Please let's be objective about exactly what's going on.

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  1. THIS. Objective thinking is SUCH a critical skill, and one that's completely neglected by most of our educational system. I teach classes at my church, and this post pretty much encapsulates one point I'm forever trying to make: the single best gift, the grace of Baptism aside, that parents can give their kid is the ability to think objectively. Why? Because no matter how much religious education they give their kid (and don't get me wrong, that's very important, too), at some point their kid is going to have to think independently about a situation for which he isn't prepared. If he's taught to think about it objectively rather than subjectively, then he'll almost certainly come down on the right side of it.


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