Friday, June 27, 2014

Semi-Upcycling- Block Colour Nursing Dress: Part One

I'm in the process of making a block color nursing dress.  The top part is made from two identical t-shirts that I purchased retail.  The bottom panels are going to be made from men's xl t-shirts that I bought at a local thrift store.  Hence the semi-upcycled part. 

It will look similar to this dress

For the top part, I used this youtube video.

Since the video is pretty easy to follow, I didn't take a gazillon pictures.



If you don't nurse anymore, skip over this step.  If you plan on adding pockets (which the website doesn't include), save your scrap.  If you aren't nursing and want pockets, you may need to raid your scrap pile or add another upcycled shirt because I don't think there will be enough scrap left from three t shirts to make pockets with.

Another difference from my version (besides the nursing top and the pockets) is I plan on using regular jersey cotton knit t-shirts.  This person used polo shirts.  I also won't use a pleat, but rather make it a ruffle.  You'll see.

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