Sunday, July 27, 2014

Answer Me This- Touching, Cooking, and Driving

1) What's your favorite thing on Youtube?
Probably Father Barron.  He is both logical and wise.  He's also fairly moderate but faithful.  I cannot stand Michael Voris.  I'm sorry.  I just cannot.  The pencil gets to me like nails on a chalkboard.

2) Who taught you to drive?
My dad and one of the coaches (whose name escapes me) at my highschool driver's ed class.  We didn't exactly have a classroom so we met in a conference room, an old shower, and the weight room.  Then I got to hang out at the band hall while I waited my turn to drive the car.  I figured it was better than sitting in study hall.  This is what tax dollars go to people, watching driver's ed videos about drunk driving in an old shower room.

3) What's your fav thing to cook?
Nothing.  I cook because my husband doesn't like cooking and he works outside the house.  If anything I like baking to an extent.  But if I had my way I wouldn't cook a darn thing ever again and I would be just fine with that.

4) Are you a hugger or a non-hugger?
I'm a total non-hugger.  You are lucky to get a handshake out of me because I am so not a touchy-feely person at all.  The first time my parish priest hugged me it was...weird.  He's Indian (as in the country of India) and it's normal for him so I go with it.  We're friends so technically it's not really all that weird.  But touching from adults weirds me out.  Kids, I get, I was a teacher.  I am a mom.  Adults giving me hugs I have to seriously stop myself from saying "What in the heck are you doing?"  Oddly kissing on the cheek isn't so bad.  Maybe it's because I get that's a cultural thing.  Physically pressing oneself onto another person....that's a bit too much particularly if you are male.

5) Where do you pray best?
Somewhere where I am all alone and it's quiet.  Naturally this hardly ever happens.  It was a small blessing that when I went to visit my family nobody wanted to go to Mass with me.  Usually my Mass buddy is my four year old, but he declined (8am is a bit early).  I was able to pray an entire rosary before the start of Mass.  I consider this to be huge particularly since my prayers are something like "Prayers for the responders and the people in need" when I hear sirens.

6)  When was the last time you saw/spoke to your grandparents?
My paternal grandmother died a month before my 10th birthday.  I don't recall the last time I saw her. My maternal grandfather died when I was about 16/17.  The last time I saw him he was in the hospital.  My paternal grandfather died when I was 18 shortly before Christmas.  I was in college so I'm not sure but I think I saw him in a nursing home.  And my maternal grandmother I saw last week at a McDonald's.  As far as I know she's still alive and bothering my mother.  It's a generational thing I guess.  My grandmother doesn't get along with my mother and my mother and I don't get along well either.  Perhaps that's why I have no daughters.

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  1. Another non-cook in the blogosphere - yay! (I'm the other one).


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