Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day and I'm not a hypocrit

In case anyone thinks I will not call out fellow Americans....This is a screen shot of Facebook.  In context it's talking about the gay marriage in Canada (I think it has to do with the new PM, but I don't remember).  The article was published primarily to Americans.

Notice the great "Screw Canada" and how someone had to be corrected about the gender-neutral pronouns.  Wonderful way to treat neighbors and generalize all Canadians.  /sarcasm.

I assure you that there are very conservative Canadians in Canada.  Nova Scotia is actually seeking to remove abortion coverage.  So there.

On a more happier note:  My husband came across this on the radio.  Apparently country music is popular in Canada (and the UK).  It's hilariously funny.  Enjoy!

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