Tuesday, July 8, 2014


1) So we had a lovely 4th of July weekend.  Our Canada Day weekend was not fun.  Hubby was sick until I convinced him to go to the doctor and get antibiotics.  And HB woke up, came into my room, and declared that he vomited on his bed.  Then we went through a bout at the other end and more vomiting until afternoon.  Not fun.

In contrast Hubby was peppy and nobody else caught the stomach bug.  We went to a birthday party on Saturday which was lovely.  The birthday boy's mom thought of us and bought my kids foam swords, which thrilled the swash buckling boy to bits.  He used some balloons that went home with us as practice for his skills.

I think we may have to look into fencing classes.

2) Sunday, we were supposed to bring up the gifts and take home the statue of the Holy Family.  A miscommunication and some KofCs brought them up.  After Mass I was able to procure the Holy Family.  We get to pray with the statue each night (or day) for a week in order to consecrate ourselves.  :)

Yesterday my two year old was looking at the Holy Family and somehow popped off St. Joseph's head!  He wasn't being rough with it so I have no idea how that happened.  We spent sometime frantically searching all of the kid-inaccessible places for the super glue.  He's back together.  shhhhh...Don't tell Father. 

3) Monday (yesterday) was our anniversary.  Hubby came home with some red carnations and a card.  I had wanted to do something, but with all the illness thing I didn't bother the babysitter.

And that's when I discovered that my sewing machine which had been acting finicky lately was skipping stitches.  So I'm sorry I won't be able to post all the dress pictures/instructions until that's fixed.  I did all the trouble shooting things in the manual, but I think it just needs to be serviced.  I would do that soonish but we're leaving in a little over a week out of country for a week.  So I'm just going to deal with that when we get back.

4) In the meantime I will just have to make do with all my other crafting, homemaking skills.  Like maybe getting around to working on my Sacred Heart cross stitch or framing something for Knee or tackling my bane.

See of all the crafty, homemaking skills I have, I have yet to conquer knots.  I shake my fist at them and say "Why, Knots, why?"  I've gone to knitting groups.  I've even taking a knitting class.  And finally I just gave up.  Maybe I'm not meant to do stuff with yarn.  Until I saw a facebook post of a lady who made a prayer shawl after crocheting for a month.  She said she learned from youtube posts.  And that reminded me of my friend S who said she took up crochet instead of knitting because she thought it would be easier.  So I mustered up my courage, shook my fists, and said, "Knots, I will conquer you!" in all my homemaker ferociousness.  I figured I could give crochet a chance especially since it's handy to have for knitting too.

Then I went and checked out from the library kids' books on crochet.  Kids' books?  Yes, kids' books.  I'm dumb.  Really dumb.  I figured the kids' version would be easy enough for me to figure out.  I already had a couple of skeins of yarn for kiddy projects (that don't involve knots).  I then went and bought some kiddie crochet hooks. 

For the first few days I spent time making slip knots and chains.  Repeatedly.  I did say I was dumb.  Now I'm up to making a dish rag with single crochet.  It looks awful (in my opinion), but I'm still practicing.  Next I'll tackle double crochet.  One of the kiddie books has a basic pattern for making fingerless gloves using double crochet.  If I can knit another dish rag in double crochet, I'll then be able to make a hideous version of fingerless gloves.

Knots, you will be conquered.

5) Today we walked to the library for the playgroup.  They had to cram us all into the small room because the other room was being painted.  And since the rooms are connected, we normally are in both.  One for toys.  The other for crafts.  After that I braved walking back in the drizzle.  We barely made it back home before it started picking up. 

And now I must stop procrastinating and tackle my laundry monster.  My kids slay imaginary stuff with swords.  I slay my own mommy things too.

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  1. Good luck with your crocheting! I find YouTube videos incredibly helpful for crafting, knitting, crocheting and beading. I've used them countless times for things I'm not certain how to do. I learned how to crochet before any of the other crafts I do now, and I think it's an excellent foundation for other crafts. :0


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