Sunday, August 3, 2014

Answer me this: Ponyo and Butterflies

1) When you are driving you are most likely listening to....?

Small children chattering in the back or silence.  I rarely turn on the radio.  I don't like the Canadian stations (or at least the ones in London).  My children also don't like the music either.  They don't like it when I sing, but they sing.  Just the other day my four year old was singing the theme song from Ponyo.  But that was while traveling by wagon.  As in little red.

*cue my four year old asking me to hit replay a dozen times.  He likes to memorize stuff like this

You're welcome.

2) Do you prefer window or aisle?

Depends on the state of life I am in.  When I was single, it was window.  Than preggo definitely aisle.  And now with kids strapped into car seats, they get the window. We fly with seats.

3) What position to you sleep in and find yourself awake?

On my stomach.  Unless preggo than side.

4) Do you have fav inspirational quote or saying?

Patience is a virtue.  I need lots of patience.

5) When was the last time you attended...?
It's been a while since we took the kids to the zoo.  We've never been to a fair or circus or parade.  They travel to a lot of places.  We took the kids to several different parks and different places.  We've been a pioneer village.  We've been to several children's museums.  We've been to Niagra Falls.  We visited a botanical gardens and saw their butterfly exhibit.   The last place we went to was Mississippi to visit family.  Sometimes you don't need to go to far to have experiences.

Butterfly that landed on my arm.  Botanical Gardens of Niagra

6)  What's the best thing about summer?
Lack of snow.  I can throw my kids outdoors.  They just discovered a caterpillar is feasting on our tomato plant.  *sigh*  I hate being cooped up and having to struggle layers onto them.

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