Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Living in Canada

Things you may not realize while living in Canada...

1) Some of the provinces have milk in jugs- I know such a shocker.  Here in Ontario its in bags.  People rave about how wonderful it is.  Having lived here a year, I like the jug.  Spilling milk getting it out of the fridge.  Having to tuck it so that it's "closed."  All very annoying.  Currently there's a huge debate about giving us a 3L jug and I'm all for it.  Some people think it's going to create price gouging.  Ah well.  I like options.

2) Canadians work a shorter work week- In the US you have to work 35 hours plus to be considered full time.  The typical work week is 40.  30 hours is considered full time in Canada.  They typically work about 34-35 on average.  No wonder my husband and I are so confused by the seemingly laisez-faire, anything goes to working here.  He's used to having to knock himself out as academics often work up to 60 hour work weeks.  Contrast this to the people he sees at works and often says "I have no idea when they work.  I never see them."

3) Split attitudes when it comes to healthcare- Right now some government agency that regulates doctors is asking the public if they should change the regulations pertaining to private practicing doctors.  Apparently there were three doctors in Ottawa, who for religious reasons, don't prescribe birth control.  And this has people upset.  Granted there are 1) less doctors in Canada and 2) its socialized medicine.  But this whole attitude that 1) doctors can't practice if they have any kind of faith and 2) the patient can simply make demands from their doctor is totally mind boggling.  If this was an addictive pain pill they were getting upset over not being prescribed, would this even be an issue?  Being a doctor is a science but its not perfect.  That's why patients can go and seek outside opinions if they feel their health is at stake.  But that's not even at issue.  As a Huffpost piece explains, these are over pills that manufacturers are being sued about.  If the doctor believes it's unhealthy and the body of literature supports that belief, isn't it okay to not prescribe it?  Apparently not. 

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