Monday, September 15, 2014

1st Weeks of School

Well this evening I finally had time to work on my sewing projects.  My sewing machine had been skipping stitches so I took it in for repair about a month ago.  It is still skipping stitches.  :(  Needless to say, Hubby suggested I do something else to distract myself.

I love HB's school.

1st day of school
In case you don't know anything about Canada...children start school the calendar year they turn four.  Because HB's birthday is/was in January he is the 2nd oldest Junior Kindergartener in his class.  In the US, children typically start school at age 5 or 6.  Some enter the calendar year while other schools your child must be 5 before September 1st.  Because Canada starts earlier, they have what they call Junior Kindergarten (which is for 3-4-5 year olds) and Senior Kindergarten (4-5-6 year olds).

HB attends a public Catholic school.  You did read that correctly.  In Ontario Catholic schools have their own school district and they are public.  There were some stipulations about being baptized, but recently they relaxed those rules.  It's public because you have to fill out a form asking that your household taxes be diverted to the school district.  The school district we are in is small.  As a result, they have a number of combo classes.  So while HB may be the oldest, he shares a classroom with Senior Kindergartners.  Thus he's actually somewhere smack in the middle of the age range.

At school, he is assigned a reading buddy, which is a student from one of the upper grades (7-8 combo).  His buddy sits with him at assemblies, helps him walk to Mass (which is about once a month at our local parish), and helps him on the bus and during school trips.  So while the school is somewhat segregated by age, there's a lot more interaction between grades.  The older student gets to practice reading and learns about being responsible for his younger friend.  The older kids do know him.  While walking to his class one afternoon, one of the older students shouted out "Hey, HB!"

He has two teachers:  One is called teacher and the other is an ECE-Early Childhood Educator.  Their school uses play based learning for the younger grades.  They have recess twice a day, two snacks, and lunch.  They also have a computer in the classroom and computers at the library.  They check out library books.  They have music with a special music teacher.  They also are learning French with a French teacher.  It's not a French immersion school, but both the regular public and the Catholic school districts offer those type of schools.  I decided against French immersion.  It's hard enough being a foreign kids and learning the dialect.

HB starts school at 9 am and I pick him up at 3:30.  The first few days he was really excited, but that waned.  This past week he's happier to go to school.  I think the problem was a combination of learning the routine and rules as well as fatigue.  If we continue to live here, he'll have the same teachers next year so it would be an easier first day/week.

The only downside I have is there's no cafeteria.  You can take your kid out for lunch or have them bring lunch with them.  And the school is a stickler for healthy eating.  Not as bad as the US lunch inspections, but the mountains of flyers and food suggestions...ugh!  Periodically they are supposed to offer purchase of a hot lunch.  They are also supposed to be offering a milk purchase option for snacks too.  In the meantime, I've been making HB bento lunches.

Feast of St. Peter Claver (Colors of the Colombian Flag)

It's sideways...But for 9/11.  American flag colors and sandwiches cut into the shape of the towers.

Still sideways...The Most Holy Name of Mary.  The pancakes were in the shapes of the letters of Mary's Name.  Unfortunately my M broke apart.

Our Lady of Sorrows....As you can see it's a tomato cut into a heart shape with pretzels sticking out for swords.  The cheese is the flame.  There are seven swords, but three should have been on the left and four on the right.  Woops!

For tomorrow/today, St. Cornelius and St. Cyprian.  They are often depicted with a horn and a Bible.  So that's how I cut the sandwich.
If you want to know more details about his bento box, shoot me a comment.  I'll probably upload more the interesting ones.  My goal is to try and make his lunch for the different saints and holy days.  I usually include a note on his napkin saying which day it is.  He tells me nobody is reading them to him.  :(  But he knows they're from me because he can read "Mom". 

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  1. This is terrific! So glad that his school is working out well. :)


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