Thursday, October 16, 2014

While the World Watches the Synod, I...

My husband left Tuesday afternoon for a series of different meetings/presentations.  He doesn't get back until Saturday (okay it's like around midnight Friday basically Saturday).  Naturally my house looks like two tornadoes hit it.  And I'm too tired to fight that affect, not with all the stuff that I've been dealing with lately.

Yesterday the school called and asked me to pick up HB because he was being defiant.  Same thing today.  It's getting quite ridiculous.  I get that they have other students in the classroom, but shouldn't they be taking steps to help him?  Shouldn't they be seeking out professional help??


They told me today that their hands are tied.  They can't get any outside help (essentially) until I take him to the family doctor and get an evaluation to rule out any medical problems causing the misbehavior (or is it misbehaviour since they are Canadian). 


My family doctor changed hours again (for like the fourth time I think).  Now its Sun 10-2, and Monday-Wedesday 3:30-8pm. 

So I called the Children's clinic in town who said they need a referral from...the family doctor.  *headdesk*

In the meantime I expect to send him back to school and to receive another call.

I'm starting to like homeschooling more.  Speaking as a fellow teacher, teachers and administrators can be so incompetent.  In this case it's the administration and the school board who don't seem to have the proper resources to send in an observer to his classroom for an evaluation.  This is downright nutty.  How many months are they going to torture this poor boy to finally get him the resources he needs to thrive?

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