Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Advent

I took a mental break after Halloween/All Saints/All Souls Day.  I had made the kids costumes.  My soon-to-be-3 year old decided to stay behind and hand out candy while my soon-to-be-5 year old and I trekked through the cold and moist evening.

HB was the Archangel St. Michael and Knee was a crusader.  I got a compliment for HB's costume when we came back and handed out treats.

Apparently while in the US it's common for Catholic children to dress up as saints, it is something not heard of in my neck of the woods Canada.  At HB's school they had orange and black day and specifically said no costumes.  While in the US, Catholic schools allow for Saints costumes (figuring they may be less scary and gory?).  I was rather disappointed that the Catholic public school he goes to doesn't use their Halloween festivities as a way to promote the Saints and Souls.  Even one of the teachers dressed up as a witch.

But now my mental break is over and I'm mentally checking my Advent list.

1) Must fix Advent calendar- Last year we lost some of the saint's symbol ornaments so I'm thinking me and Knee will have to remedy that as we go through each day.  I also need to find our baby Jesus place marker since he got mixed up with the kid's toys.

2) Look up coloring pages for the Jesse tree- This is a Knee and me project too.  I imagine HB's school will have some sort of Advent-related activities.

3) Find where I put my Peanuts gang creche- a long time ago I found a fun Peanuts creche but the pieces were too small for tiny hands.  This year since Knee is turning 3 and has long since stopped putting things in his mouth I figure I can pull this out and hold off on the creche I made last year for Christmas season.

4) Make a felt Advent Wreath- Every year I do something crafty for the kids for Advent.  This year it's a felt Advent Wreath so stay tuned!

5) Contemplate introducing the Antiphons and starting a simple morning offering with HB- HB is my only prayer buddy in this family.  My husband being the non-Catholic-used-to-spontaneous-prayer-because-of-his-Baptist-background sort.  And Knee being the-I-don't-know-that-many-words-let-alone-memorize sort.  HB knows the Sign of the Cross, Prayer before Meals, Guardian Angel Prayer, Jesus Prayer, and Hail Mary.  He's not perfect at them but considering he's four I'd say he's up to snuff.  Since Advent is supposed to be a time of preparation and called the Little Fast in the Eastern Lung, I want to do something like the Antiphons and the morning offering.  I won't hold my breath that the children will handle singing, but we'll see.

7) Planning Knee's third birthday party- And to make my Advent even more busy, I plan on throwing a birthday party for Knee at my house.  I think for HB's we plan on reserving a room at the Rec Center behind us.  My house however is cozy enough to accommodate a small party.  The goal is to make my kitchen a buffet area and do activities (Knight related) down in the basement.  Plus it's a great evangelizing tool because in the middle of this fun-filled birthday party lo and behold my "Christmas" tree will look barren with Jesse ornaments on it and my giant tapestry-like Advent Calendar and my wreath on the door with the purple ribbon for Advent.  People are bound to comment.  O:>)

So hang on to your hats...I'm going to be busy.  At least though I won't be doing anything for American Thanksgiving.  That would require me to consume massive amounts of chocolate to get through.  Not good for Advent.

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