Friday, November 7, 2014

SPD and HB?

Last night Hubby had a parent/teacher meeting with HB's teachers.  They spoke to the pediatrician over the phone and filled out his questionnaire.  They also remarked that they thought he was a great doctor, very thorough and listened/asked questions of them.

We got similar questions to fill out from him as well.  The first set sounded like autism-related questions and the other sounded more like behavioral-disorder related questions.  And the more I look into I'm confusing myself.

It's obvious that HB is not autistic.  Or at least not severely so.  He generally speaking looks people in the eye when talking to them.  He interacts with his friends.  He interacts with his brother and answers his "why" questions.  He doesn't line things up.

But could he have a form of SPD- sensory processing disorder?

A quick check list-

1) Is he a picky eater-yes
2) Was he difficult to toilet train- yes, but he doesn't wet himself at night and rarely has accidents.
3) Is he in constant motion- seems like it
4) Sometimes he likes to chew on things
5) When he was an infant, we could only get him to calm down by keeping him swaddled.  I noticed this unusual thing when Knee didn't care if he was swaddled or not.
6) He doesn't do well with transitions and likes schedules.
7) He would flip out when one of the play groups would put all the toys away.  We had to stop going to that one.
8) He likes to hold tiny objects in his hand.  If you take the away he flips out.
9) He often gets moody and it seems sometimes over minor things or for no reason.

But this also sounds like a behavioral disorder more than anything else.  He shows no sensitivity to light or sound or touch.  He isn't clumsy or lethargic.  And he can settle himself down to play with his toys although not in the way intended.  He's often throwing them or knocking them down although not always across a room.

I'm still thinking it's behavioral of some type.  Some sort of anxiety.

My husband found out that at school HB can't stand sitting on the rug for story time so his teachers have accommodated him by allowing to sit in a chair.  That sounds like sensory.

Hopefully it can all be sorted out soon.

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