Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sts. Damian and Cosmas

So this upcoming new liturgical year my new blog patron is St. Damian. He was chosen for me at random. His feast day is celebrated with his twin brother St. Cosmas.  In other words, I've ended up with not one but two patrons.  Their feast day is September 26.

The brothers were physicians who offered up their services for free; as a result they are the patron saints of doctors.  Born in what today is Turkey, they were martyred for refusing to recant their faith in what today is Syria.  And in Brazil, they are known for their protection of children.

I'm not entirely sure what role they will have this year in my blog (and family's life).  Will someone suffer from poor health?  Will we benefit from someone's generosity or will we offer our own to someone else?  Will the boys need some sort of protection?  Is this the year of the boys becoming closer as Knee gets older?  Time will tell.

St. Elizabeth of Hungary who was known for bringing food and clothing to the poor has been most beneficial in my boast to be a good mom and crafter.  And I think her for her patronage.

Sts.  Damian and Cosmas pray for us!

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