Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Smarties Dilemma

As an American living in Canada, this is what I run up against....

The top box is the Canadian version of Smarties.  It's like m&ms, a chocolate covered shell candy.

The rolls are what I grew up with, the American version of Smarties.  Smarties, a sugary tablet-style thing.

My husband tells me that the States does have the Canadian version of Smarties.  I've never seen them.

What do the Canadians call the American version?  It seems that I've discovered this on my 2nd Halloween here.

Yep.  They call them rockets.  ?  Don't ask me.  I just live here.

I still call the Rockets Smarties and the Smarties....well I call them Smarties too but I'm more inclined to think of them as a M&Ms knock-off.  And yes, they have M&Ms in Canada.

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