Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Potty Training Over the Holidays

With HB potty training was a struggle.  I can't fault the little guy.  We had a great start, but in the middle of it all we moved and naturally he regressed.  Finally a few months before he was set to start school we managed to get him to pee and poo in the potty.  Now that he's approaching five, he pretty much does it all himself although occasionally he asks for help wiping.

Now it's Knee's turn. 

I started later when I thought he would be physically ready.  I waited for HB to start school thinking I could devote more attention to him.

But he hid in a corner and would do his business there.  Clearly he was not ready.  At least not emotionally.

I simply kept him in pull-ups and would talk to him about the potty while trying to encourage him to go. 

The holidays were coming around the corner and I thought it would be perfect to try again.

Why the holidays?  Well less is going on away from home.  HB is off from school and most things are closing several days (half day today, all day tomorrow, all day for Boxing day, then half day New Years Eve, all day New Years).  It's the perfect time to just veg around the house, baking cookies and other holiday fun while being close to a potty.

No more diapers, I told him Saturday.  It's U day, Underwear Day.  And he took to that.

Saturday we gave it a whirl.  Accidents Accidents Everywhere!  And Sunday it was pretty much the same until...

Until we had our very first success in the evening.  He started to go and then stopped.  We rushed the potty over and success!

Then Monday morning another success followed by him coming over and telling me that he pooed in the potty all on his own (I was washing dishes).  Monday 2 successes and 1 accident.  My children have crazy bladders.  They.can.retain.much.  The whole sit on the potty every hour doesn't work.  They also for whatever reason don't have to go immediately after waking up.  And yes, we give them drinks.  We keep cups of water on the table all day.  They have a cup in the bathroom.  Trust me.  They stay hydrated.  Massive quantities of pee come out.

Yesterday we had several accidents, but today we had 1 accident so far and 1 success (he caught himself going and then ran over to the potty). 

So far so good.  I hate the small tinkles on the floor, but he seems to recognize the need to use the potty better when he's not in his underwear.  So for now it's training underwear at church (which is the only thing we're taking him to publicly for two weeks) and while sleeping.  Then sans undies during the day. 

It also helps that he gets gummy bears for his efforts.  At first I cheered him on but just now he basically told me to stop that.  *shrug* I guess he views it as part of what you're supposed to do now.

Oh, and tonight HB plays the part of Joseph for the Children's Christmas Mass.  He pantomimes the part.  So exited!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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