Friday, January 9, 2015

The Muslim Disconnect

The news of the targeting and murder of Charlie Hedboe employees, which is a satirical newspaper in France, is just plain shocking.  I was also surprised living in a country with a large Muslim population (Canada has a higher percentage of Muslims than the US) that several newspapers in Quebec reprinted the controversial cartoon images of Mohammad.  But than again this is Quebec.  Being a part of Canada, they have their own quarky-ness that most Anglo- Canadians shrug their shoulders over.

The shooting has caused me to muse over a few things; some of which have been already mentioned on the internet.

1) These latest strings of attacks are largely coming from Muslim converts, not people who grew up Muslim.  Not to say there aren't suicide bombers and whatnot who grew up Muslim.  I think of those of 9-11.  But the individuals who are rouge like the two in Canada were converts.  Interesting....

2) Why are they only attacking depictions of Mohammad?  I saw a newspiece where a Muslim woman asked another Muslim woman something similar.  The question wasn't answered.  It's something I also was thinking about on my own.

In Islam any depiction of any prophet or God is considered bad form.  This includes depictions of Jesus or Moses etc.  And it doesn't matter if the images are good.  For example, the very popular cartoon movie, The Prince of Egypt, which was meant for Jews, Christians, and Muslims (it quotes the Talmud, the Bible, and the Quaran) wasn't shown in certain countries because of it's depiction of Moses.  But you don't see people issuing fatwas over those who participated in it's making.

So why Mohammed?

You can't tell me that it has to do with the content of the depictions.  There have been numerous art forms about Jesus (who to Islam is a prophet not God) that are horrendous.  These are depictions that Christians decry, but I don't see Muslims standing along-side Christians.  I don't see Muslims getting so riled up over the images that they issue fatwas and starting attacking the artists.  Why?

I'm not saying that Muslims should do these things.  I'm merely point out the disconnection.  If you say that you don't worship Mohammed, than why only are his depictions so controversial to Muslims (particularly radical ones)?  Isn't that a bit like idol worship?  Isn't that a bit like elevated Mohammed to a status above other prophets?

I get that Catholic revere Mary and offer her special status.  But we equally condemn nasty depictions of her (and the saints although I've never seen or heard of that sort of thing).  Why is this not true of Islam?

Maybe I'm over-thinking things.  Maybe I'm too logical.  Radicals often don't use their heads.  

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