Monday, January 19, 2015

Top Reasons I am Glad to be Going Back to the States

My husband and my visa runs out in July.  We've elected to let it expire and return home with hopefully a job awaiting us.  Hubby has an in-person job interview next week.  So I'll hope that you join me in praying that he 1) doesn't catch this flu and 2) lands a job before we move.

We still plan on moving whether there's a job or not.  We're unsatisfied with living in Canada for a variety of reasons.  Hubby and I have not lived very close to our families ever.  This is extremely hard for Hubby.  The other problem is we've moved so so many times that it's painful for everyone.  Difficult to make friends especially close friends on the fly.  Hard for the children to settle in.  But those are personal reasons to move closer to extended family and stay in one spot.  Those reasons could be the same one in country or out. 

There's some other reasons that I feel dissatisfied with Canada.  If I was a Canadian or had the ability to change the laws in some way, I think my experience would be more akin the US.  Unfortunately as an immigrant, my fate is handled by others.  And I don't like that.  So if I could change things this is what I would do.

4.. Because of the Treatment of the Disabled- 

I'm sure this is not true of most municipalities in Canada (and I'm sure true of some American ones), but really plow the darn side walks properly London!  I can tell which areas the person actually attempted to do their job and others in which it's obvious they didn't (like several inches worth of obvious).  These are public walk-ways which are also used by those with limited mobility to get to bus stops.

I mentioned something about this to the crossing guard who concurred that someone is definitely sleeping on the job.  She told me she saw one frustrated resident taking her power chair onto the road way because she kept getting stuck on the side walk.  That's dangerous not to mention discriminatory.  They have the ability to make the side walks better, but they aren't.  They aren't even using de-icer, sand, or salt on the side walks, but they are using it on the road way.   Basically they are making it impossible for anyone with limited mobility to do anything but exit their house and jump into their car, which they may feel uncomfortable doing because of the weather.

To top it off, Canada Post (that's the mail service) has announced that nation wide it is installing community mail boxes.  They will eventually stop door-to-door service.  Many have protested.  What about those with limited mobility?  How do you expect them to walk down a poorly plowed side walk or street and get their mail?  Canada Post's response 1) ask a neighbor to bring you your mail or 2) if there's mail in your slot at the end of the week we will drop it off at your house.  So in other words your turfing the responsibility of bringing mail to people to the community or discriminate against those with disabilities by making them wait for their mail?  What on earth?  It's shamefully disgusting. 

I realize that they are bleeding just like the US Postal Service, but they could issue community stickers.  You can have them stuck into your slot so that the post person knows that you can't get your mail and delivers it to your door.  Those who are able can use the community boxes.  Problem solved.  Or cut out having your postal service offices open on the weekends.  That's basically what the US has been doing.

3. Lack of Religious Freedom

I've mentioned some of the problems with the lack of religious freedom in Canada so this is more of a recap.  On the abortion issue, in Ontario if you pay taxes you are paying into the Ontario Health Insurance Plan which pays for abortions regardless of reason.  You can't opt out of OHIP.  There's no laws against any kind of abortion.  It's all legal up until birth.   The only thing barring an abortion is the judgement of the doctor.  That's it. 

There have been threats to those who opposed homosexual marriage.  A Bishop has been repeatedly threatened with discrimination law suits for publishing articles about the Church's stance on the subject.  A Knight's of Columbus group owns a hall which the rent out.  In Canada individuals must rent out such halls to anyone for any reason other wise it's discrimination.  The only exception is religious groups.  The KofC's discovered that they were renting the hall for a gay wedding reception.  They immediately contacted the brides (?) and told them that they couldn't rent the hall to them for religious reasons.  The KofCs refunded them their money and took it a step further (which legally they are obligated to do even though it's immoral) and offered to help find them another hall.  The women sued them. 

I'm sure this sort of thing will happen in the US soon, but don't expect me to just sit there like I have to in Canada.

2. Because of Paranoid Canadians

 Americans are blood-thirsty, gun-totting, war-mongering nut zoids.  Or something like that.  As my husband says there seems to be two camps: one who appreciates that America is fighting back against terrorism and like Americans or one which thinks America is horrible.  If you read through my blog, you'll see countless examples of citizens and politicians alike who think it's perfectly acceptable to ramp up the hate.  I guess having one border and nothing better to do makes them think that way.

My favorite though was the idea that America is not an ally of Canada.  We're just blood thirsty chopping at the bit to invade or are pseudo allies because of our American interests.  I had to laugh.  Some of the examples used were basically typical international disagreements.  Nothing really warranting that kind of whiny clamor.  Then I mentioned that if the US really was like that the Canada Invasion would be a done deal.  We have more military forces, more advanced military technology, and from a strategic stand point 90% of the Canadian populace lives just on the other side of the US border.  Nuke 90% of the population and then send ground troops in to subdue the remainder.  But the US isn't blood thirsty.  We have no interest in invading Canada.  Canada actually enjoys a lot of freedoms on the American dime.  Not to mention the perks of being able to work and get educated in the States over other internationals.  No tariffs.  I could continue.  Yet we're the bad guy. 

I could mail you some tin hats.

1. Getting a Diagnosis for HB

And this one gets super personal.  Back in December we had a pointless meeting between the faculty of HB's school and the pediatrician.  They asked the pedi for tips on dealing with HB's emotional outbursts.  He said you could put up a tent in the classroom or go outside with him into the hall.  I immediately objected and his teachers concurred.  That actually makes it worse.  HB calms down better if he's around people.  Sending him to his room makes it worse.  Most people with autism like the quiet and to get away from people.  But HB doesn't operate that way.

In other words he really needs a formal evaluation.  The school can't put anything in place for him really.  The teachers themselves make accommodations, but he can't get any therapies.  Not without that evaluation.

How long does it take to get an evaluation?  9 months.  That's the current wait time.  We spoke to the pediatrician back in October.  We've known that he needs to be formally evaluated for a while.  It's why I keep putting things in question marks.  We simply don't know how to proceed.  In the meantime he languishes and falls behind in skills he could use now.

If we had decided to remain, we would have done what many a frustrated Canadians do, jump the line.  We would have gone to the US and consulted an expert there. We would have had to pay a lot but gotten something on paper in considerably less time. Instead we wait until we move back.

So if you think the grass looks greener on the other side, I assure you it is not.  Canada has its own problems and a lot of them hugely affect those with disabilities to their detriment.  

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