Monday, February 23, 2015

On Toy Rotation

Well, my Ash Wednesday didn't go at all.  Apparently this cold I've been sporting for several weeks, which left me feeling unmotivated, morphed into a nasty sinus infection.  I'm on some stout drugs which have some crazy side affects like a metal taste in my mouth, but they are working so I feel much much much more like myself.

In my house we practice toy rotation.  This is good because it cuts down on the number of toys we buy the children during the year.  It also forces you to get rid of broken toys and donate toys that they truly don't care for as opposed to simply being bored with. 

We have a wide variety of toys.  If you are interested in knowing what that is, keep reading.

Games and Puzzles:
We have a lot of games.  Board games, a couple of wii games, and aps on my Kindle.  The board games are more for Knee's age.  HB has games for his age, but the problem is that Knee doesn't match his skill level so those games are usually played very little.  The puzzles the children are into now are the kind with cardboard.  They don't use peg puzzles anymore.  We keep all the puzzles and games separate from their toys just because some of them have pieces that if you loose even one would make for frustration.

Building Toys:
We've had a variety of building toys over the years, but now the big ones are Lincoln logs and legos.   You can't go wrong with that sort of thing.  We also recently got this straw thing with pegs.  I'm not sure that they like building with them as much as just sticking a couple together and welding them as swords.

Dress up clothes:
The boys aren't really big into dressing up all the time, but sometimes they are.  They have swords and guns and some spy gear.  They also have a few costumes: fire fighter, knights, angels, Tigger, and a dinosaur.  These have accumulated from Halloween.  They also have sun glasses and hats, which they can play with or actually use.

Electronic toys:
Knee isn't so much interested in electronic toys, but HB is.  Mostly he likes the songs or the lap top style toys.  If Knee were older, I would probably get HB an ipod, but right now I would be afraid it'd get stepped on or throw around.  He also has a robot Wall-e since he's big into Wall-e and likes robots if you recall.
HB's self-built robot
Dolls and Figures:
I have acquired several figures.  I also made some peg saints and some fluffy saints.  Some of my figures are animal related (dogs and what not).  Some are people.  HB, being a Star Wars fanatic, has a few of those figures.  We also have some stuffed animals including one giant frog, which Knee loves.

Imaginative toys:
We have fake food, play tools, a doctor kit, trucks, a castle, some tents that look like trains, and regular trains.

Letters and Numbers:
We have foam letters and numbers, magnetic ones, and we have some see n' spells (which is more like a game).

Outdoor toys:
We live in front of a park, but we don't have a play set because our patio is too small.  Instead we have one slide, a water table, a trike, a wagon, and some cozy coupes.  We'll probably get rid a lot of that before moving.  The kids will both be old enough at that point to have bicycles.

Mostly we check out books from the library, but we own quite a few ourselves.

I keep the toys more or less in three rough neck boxes and rotate them roughly once a month (although it didn't happen so much because of the Birthday, Christmas, Birthday accumulation).

If it sounds like a lot, well it is.  I keep trying to pair things down, but it's hard.  They really like a lot of these toys and play with them regularly.  It doesn't help that each winter has been especially hard so we haven't gone outside hardly at all.  In Arizona it was easier to cut down because the weather was milder.  I'm hoping to get rid of more things during Lent and later when we move. 

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