Friday, March 6, 2015

7 Quick Takes: #LENTENFAIL

1) So this is what happened about a week and half ago Monday (not this past one but before that).  My husband and I settle down for a movie.  My teeth are chattering and I'm feeling jittery.  "Are you cold?" my husband asks.  "No, I can't explain it."  We have to pause the movie as I run into the kitchen to vomit.  This continues on all Monday evening/Tuesday morning.  Turns out I've got an intolerance for a certain line of antibiotics.  It's not a true allergy or I would have broken out into hives or stopped breathing, but my body can't handle the side affects.  So instead of feeling nauseous or queasy for a brief amount of time I win the lotto of being 1 in 10,000 people who experience an anxious-like feeling and well...I'll spare you. 

2) Tuesday (the following day) Hubby stays home so I can go to the doctor.  This is something one is supposed to do if they stop their antibiotics half way through.  But surprise, surprise (she says with sarcasm)!  They post a sign on the clinic door saying they won't open until 5pm.  HB comes home and he and Knee crawl into bed with me.  Then a fight starts up and Knee pushes/kicks HB off the bed.  Wham!  Since we are going to the doc anyway we take HB along.  She doesn't give me anything and says she thinks HB just bruised his arm.

3) Thursday HB is still complaining.  I decide to take him to the children's clinic which is a different one.  We wait two hours.  That doctor thinks it's dislocated, but says it's better to go get an x-ray to rule out his arm being broken.  Four hours later in the ER, we discover that his arm is broken...again.  Same arm around the same spot.  We get home at midnight.

4) Monday (of this week) Hubby goes with me to the dentist.  We had to reschedule it because of the whole "I'm vomiting because of medication" thing.  We are literally getting in the car to grab lunch when the school calls.  HB is sobbing.  Apparently he was running (which he's not supposed to do) and fell on his broken arm.  We take him home, give him pain meds, ice his arm, feed him, and then call people.  The Ortho people for children only come one day a week Wednesday but we leave a message for the nurse.  We call Ontario's nurses line.  She says based on his change of behavior we should bring him back to the ER.  So there we are again.  Yes, he's moved the bones again, but not enough to do anything.

5) Tuesday I take HB into the pediatrician for his autism evaluation.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The same pediatrician who hypothesized that HB has autism got himself certified to run the diagnostic because he doesn't trust those who normally do it.  Don't worry; we plan on getting a second opinion when we hit state side.  Nobody in their right mind takes the sole hypothesis of one pediatrician and honestly he shouldn't be encouraging that.  He should want the referral.  HB goes through his hour long testing.  The pedi sends us the raw data and adds "autism" on the bottom.  He may be autistic, but since this is based on one man's opinion well I don't trust the data that closely.  Supposedly he's going to send a written report of what it means later.

6) Wednesday I take the two boys for HB's ortho appointment.  Yes, he's bumped the bones but in the right direction.  The ortho's not worried about it being the same arm in the same place, but he says he'll know more about his bone growth once he sees it again (after it's healed a little bit).  The orthopedist tells me not to let him play outside.  So I have to pass on all this information to the school who have to figure out a way to have someone watch him during recess.

7) So now you know why my plans for Lent have gone to pot.  It feels like I'm holding onto my Lenten journey like I'm hanging onto a ledge.  I keep trying to add prayer and staying off the computer, but it's a struggle.  Maybe God is trying to teach me to pray on the fly.  I would prefer to carve out more quiet time, but it's just not happening.  I realize that one can sustain oneself on bread and water type of prayer, but I was hoping for Lent to be spiritually nourishing meat.  *sigh*  *long suffering Lenten sigh*

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  1. #5

    It takes a good year or two of observation prior to an diagnosis. One of mine was on the "spectrum', in the meaning only as an observation. He's now development my off it.

  2. #5

    It takes a good year or two of observation prior to an diagnosis. One of mine was on the "spectrum', in the meaning only as an observation. He's now development my off it.

  3. Oh, wow! And I thought MY Lent was going crappily. My prayers are with you - hang in there, sista!

  4. That is WAY too many trips to doctors! :(

  5. oh my gosh, I think your Lenten penance this year is simply dealing with life!! Prayers for you!


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