Friday, March 20, 2015

Frozen. As in the Movie

Last week I was having a hard time with the kids.  My husband who left for a conference Sunday morning saw my distress and ordered me out the house for three hours.  This hasn't happened to my knowledge ever.

It's not that I don't get out of the house, but it's usually for a reason such as prayer group at church or grocery shopping.  Me going out of the house with no agenda just to get out never happens.  So I went to a movie.  I saw Cinderella.  These days I go to the movies with my husband so I try to pick something we can both live with.  Going to a movie by myself meant I could be totally girly.  So that's what I picked.

I'm glad I saw it because it was totally good and has received Catholic stamps of approval.  What is more controversial these days is Frozen.  And because Cinderella came out recently and they are both Disney princess movies and because of the announcement of Frozen 2, well Frozen discussions are to be had.  I have Frozen.  And I can see why it's problematic for some, but not for others.

Frozen and True Love

The thing about Hans was so surprising especially in a children's movie.  It's however not surprising in real life.  I've never had a guy try to use me for my connections or power because I don't have any.  But I've had guys who turned out to be totally jerks.  And I've dated guys who turned out to be commitment phobic.  One minute you think "oh, he's great" and the next he's hitting you up for a grand loan or asking to borrow your car all the time.  Let's just say he's no longer in the picture.

Can a person fall in love and get engaged in the same day?  I'm sure.  It's just not common or recommended.  My husband and I met 9 years ago this month.  I asked him to marry me on Christmas Eve which was 9 months later.  We were married in July which was six months (roughly) after the engagement and 1 year 3 months after first meeting.  But...

My husband definitely were not "love at first sight."  We found each other intriguing at best and boring at worst.  Friendship?  Yes.  Love.  Not really.  That took a few months.  And still I wasn't sure about anything until I met his family.

So if my kids are reading this years from now...did you hear that?  Met his family.  Because knowing that he could handle money well, that he had a moral foundation, and loved his family was important.  But what a persons says is meaningless.  You want to see what a person is like.  Christoph is right in that regard.  Hubby talked up a storm about his relationship with his family, but it wasn't until I met them that I got a good idea of what I was getting into.  Hubby's family help each other out.  They care for each other deeply.  And they would slap each other upside the head figuratively speaking if one of them wronged their spouse.  That's what I wanted.  A man who came from a family who knows right and wrong.  Hubby will tell you that he was most impressed by my financial frugality.  I borrowed 5 bucks from him to avoid fees at an atm.  I explained that to him at the time. 

Does this lack of love at first sight mean Frozen is against romance?  Well if the Christoph and Anna relationship means anything than no.  But Frozen does emphasize getting to a know a person, and I think this is healthy.

Loving a Person Despite Their Faults

I'm not ascribing wrongness to Elsa's powers.  She was born with them.  The fault lies with her shutting out Anna, and the girls' parents for not disclosing.  This would be akin to me not telling Knee that HB is autistic and essentially hiding HB.  We used to do that with people with disabilities.  It's not really a good thing. 

Anna is upset that Elsa is shutting her out, but the virtue is that she keeps seeking her out and trying to mend the rift.   She loves Elsa despite not being treated well and despite Elsa's disability/ability.  Elsa has an awesome sister.  This is a virtue we should all have especially those who are family members.  They may not want our affections, but we should still maintain love like it's an open door.

The "Gay" Thing

There have been some Christians out there who have pointed out some perceived gay themes.  Are Elsa's power a euphemism for being gay?  Was Oaken's family a gay family?  I don't know.  I think you can read anything into anything if you want to.  Cracked's series After Hours pretty much is about reading things into movies.  Point is I'm not really worried about it because it's not very obvious and Disney has not said otherwise.

What I do love about Frozen is Christoph.  He's genuine and loves his family.  He cares about Anna.  He works hard at his business and saved up for his sled.  If there's ever a Disney "Prince" that I like, it's him.  Unlike Aladdin or Flynn who are unrepentant thieves, Christoph is a decent guy from the start much like the Prince in Cinderella.  And those are the archetypal characters I hope my sons will aspire.  Disney needs more of those guys. 

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