Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spotlight on Knee

It's been fortunate or unfortunate depending on how you look at things that I haven't written much about Knee.  Between his brother's broken arm and autism-related stuff, Knee's been a bit neglected.  So I thought I would spot light Knee.

Can I be naked now please? (Yes, this is an old photo)

1) He's three.  And with that comes the protests and self-assertion that's totally normal.  Totally normal and yet driving his parents nuts.  His favorite thing to do these days is 1) refuse to wear clothes or appropriate outer garments and 2) get into the car.  I don't mind him being nude so much at home.  I just hate having to stuff him back into clothes whenever we have to leave the house.  I also get a little tired explaining to people that he refuses to wear shoes or a coat even in extremely cold weather.  He will put them on but only after he's frozen himself to the point that he's wailing. 

Who knew year later I would refuse to be sat in.  Meanwhile HB wants an upgrade. 

2)  The car has become a point of contention.  He was managing to push down his chest clip and get his arms out.  This was during ice and snow.  I finally caved in and decided to put his car seat facing forward.  Even though he's safer to be backwards, he can legally be forward.  The thing is though he's not really safer if he's backwards but not strapped in his seat properly.  It's safer to be strapped in appropriately but forward.  So we went with forward.  I lost the battle, but I've won the war.  He behaves himself better now that he's facing forward.  Now if I could just get him to happily get into the car seat more often....

3) Potty training has been slow.  He does well when he's naked.  It's going out in public or wearing clothes.  Although much to my chagrin, peer pressure is working in my favor.  Since it's March break and HB is out of school, I took both children to the library.  HB declared his need to use the potty.  After entering the washroom, Knee said he needed to go too.  And he went into a stall, pulled down his clothing, and I heard a tinkle.  He came out with his pants to his knees and I had to help him there.  So I consider that to be a potty success.  He's done this sort of thing before.  I guess from now on if at all possible I'm sending Knee and HB into the bathroom together.  I suppose that means we'll have to do more family outings.

4) For a while there I was concerned about his speech, but it seems to be improving.  He has spouted off a few five word sentences here and there like:  My hands are cold inside.  and Mom, I don't like you.  For the most part it's four word sentences such as:  I don't like it.  and Look, Mom, it's green!  HB has some speech issues, but they've worked themselves out over time.  I imagine for Knee it will improve or we'll have speech therapy.

5) Knee is very imaginative.  One of his first "imagine something that isn't there" games was what I call the "Heavy Baby" Game.  Basically he told me he was carrying this heavy baby and wanted me to hold it.  He would cradle this non-existent baby in his arms and make grunting noises while heaving the heavy baby into my arms.  He would tell me that the baby was big and heavy and cute and things like that.  And no, he wasn't using a baby doll.  It was just his imagination.  This is something HB doesn't really do.  Lately his newest "imagine something that isn't there" game is what I call "Having Dinosaur Eggs In Your Hand" Game.  "Look, Mom, dinosaur eggs" he tells me showing his empty palm.  HB looks at him confused because clearly there's nothing there.  Not even pretend eggs.

HB at age three.

6) The other day Knee demanded that I bake a Dinosaur Cake for Christmas.  "You mean Easter?  Because Easter is coming up.  And not Christmas." I prompted  "No, Christmas." he responds. Well, at least he has one holiday that he remembers.  Speaking of, I still need to work with him more on the Sign of the Cross.  He keeps starting out pointing to his chest. 

7) Yes, he still likes dinos and swords and horses (basically knight stuff).  And I've finally got him interested in crafts again.  For a while there I had only stuff that HB made to stick on the wall. 

And that's the Knee update.

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